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A database of everything about Pinoy Hiphop. Know the latest updates on your favorite Pinoy hiphop artists from music videos, Pinoy hiphop events, what's new in the Pinoy hip-hop music scene and more.

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Pinoy hiphop articles, reads and more

Our very own original Pinoy Hiphop topics from the greatest voices, the most cameo-studded Pinoy hip-hop music video to top Bugoy na Koykoy tracks you should listen to plus much more.

Cool Pinoy hiphop pictures

We wanted to be a "Wiki for hiphop", so we created these awesome cards! See your favorite Pinoy Hiphop artist together with their biography, social media links, latest music and updates plus PHS' signature images of artists all in one card.

Top Pinoy hiphop track each month!

Every month, PHS gathers the best Pinoy hiphop tracks for the month based only on our opinions and not generated in forms of voting or rankings.

Must-listen Pinoy Hiphop Albums, Mixtapes, EP, LP...

Reviews of selected Pinoy Hiphop albums, mixtapes, EP/LP like our review of Circa 91, Flight School Era and the Barcode Album.

Know much deeper your favorite Pinoy hiphop sensation

Go one-on-one with each selected Pinoy Hiphop artists and know the nitty gritty about their roots, achievements and their say in everything Pinoy hiphop in Random Interviews.

Wondering what happened to some of our pioneering Pinoy hiphop artists?

So you're looking for this fave artist of yours and want to know what they're up to nowadays. Where Are They Now got you covered on this.

Those LSS-worthy Pinoy Hiphop lines from them sick tracks

Sort of quote for Pinoy hiphop. Hand picked verses, hooks from notable tracks engraved in one image and that is #DopeLines

A mixture of Pinoy Hiphop tracks from various artists

Halo-halo (Tagalog: [haluˈhaloʔ], "mixed together") is a popular Filipino dessert with a mixture of shaved ice and evaporated milk to which various ingredients are added, including boiled sweet beans, coconut, sago, gulaman (agar jelly), tubers, fruits, and yam ice cream. It is served in a tall bowl. - Wikipedia

Ten or DIYES Pinoy hiphop tracks compiled in one playlist

Featuring 10 top tracks from one chosen Pinoy hip-hop artist in one streaming playlist for your pleasure

#SilaMuna, Dope Pinoy Hiphop artists you probably never heard of

Take a break from the usual mainstream and dig deeper at these must-listen tracks from our featured artists that deserve your attention

LIVE Pinoy Hiphop events!

If there's a hiphop event in the local scene, high chances PHS won't miss these ones. Live clips and performances of your favorite Pinoy hiphop artists in various events, festivals.

team phs


A fan ever since Francis M's "Mga Kababayan Ko" dropped. The founder of Pinoy Hiphop Superstar. Creator of the signature "PHS Cards". Started blogging Pinoy Hiphop since the early 2000's at http://pinoyhiphopsuperstar.blogspot.com/ then collaborated with gangst@r to create its official website.


She's said to be connected to a lot of Pinoy hiphop artist. No wonder Asha is PHS's go-to lady when it comes to interviews and infos. "I am a freak, hyper. I love, I sin but weird. I laugh and forgive but waits. I am neat, political, funny and rush things but free"


Self-dubbed webmaster minus the coding skills. Human to a Rottweiler. Dr. Dre 2001 was his first ever CD album.

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