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“PHS 2Cents” is our ONLINE UNDERGROUND RADIO PODCAST, aabot napo kami sa aming SEASON 7 we completed 133 episodes, mostly 3 & half hours every night and we listen, give scores, advise and support hundreds of underground music/artist without earning a single dime.

Although wala kaming kaparehas na format dito sa facebook (ONLINE RADIO), the only LIVE format that can earn money as of the moment is “GAMING”, pls do not misunderstand if we seek for your support.

Every sponsors logo will be added to our new layout, and your business page will be promoted from time to time, (for 15 episodes/nights) although we don’t have large viewers per live (maximum of 30-20 viewers) our official fan page have 42K Likes (42,049 to be exact and still counting) and 46,526 followers, and we also have different platforms than can use to promote your business (FB GROUP, INSTAGRAM, WEBSITE, BLOGSPOT)

kindly pm us your proposals, logo, business nature and some small details we can use if you are interested, Thank you.

PHS 2CENTS SEASON 7 will resume on OCT 5, 2020
on a new timeslot 10:30-1am

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