Uzzi Pinoy Hiphop Superstar

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Uzzi Aromaz or simple known as Uzzi is new to the rap scene, only started last year. (2020) from Davao, with no known background or affiliation, Uzzi burst into the scene out of curiosity. She was a part of a 5 member group called NOTNAH920, an online group who just wanted to meet for the first time and they decided to record a track together, to their surprise Uzzi have a natural talent on the mic, their first track is called “PALANAY” that means chill or relax.

she was discovered by Moodyblues productions that promote Davao local artist, they ask her to record a track in their studio that you can check here: 

at the moment she is part of Loco Space Records, she was also requested by Erland of LSR in the PHS 2Cents podcast show that stick to the mind of the viewers at that time, until PHS invited her to the very first ONLINE RANDOM Interview segment with Primo de Luca.

her Moodyblues production recording is a reason for Ill Bred to find and ask her for a collaboration track called “Where’s your chic at?” her first-ever music video. With a promising start and potential like that Uzzi is definitely a femcee to look forward to.

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Affiliations x Rap group x Label: Notnah920, Moodyblues productions, Loco Space Records


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