Toney Chrome | Pinoy Hiphop Superstar
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Ronald Ambrosio Manabat

A former member of the rap group, Lyrical Assault during the Philippines’ hip-hop golden era that ruled the underground scene during the mid-’90s. Toney Chrome was also a former member of 187 Mobstaz, one of the most notable underground rap collective in Philippine hip-hop history. Appeared in numerous underground and mainstream projects:

– Iced Out Compilation
– DJ Bell’s Teamstar
– 187 Mobstaz releases such as the smash hit WDDWM (We Don’t Die We Multiply)

Numerous collaborations with artists such as Aerowithadot, Chrizo, Broc, Pino G, Mike Kosa, Abbadon, Third Flo, Loonie, Ron Henley, Smugglaz, Klumcee, Mike Swift, Just Hush. Toney Chrome released his first solo album under DRP entitled “Mahabang Pila”

Currently, a rap artist and songwriter at Dirtyroom Productions (DRP). Not only driven by the passion of hip-hop, but Toney Chrome is also an entrepreneur, the CEO & Founder at Loyalty Over Money (L.O.M) Clothing line.


Mobile: (0915) 777-1187
Email: toneychrome187@gmail­.com


Loyalty Over Money ( L.O.M. clothing )

Dirtyroom Official

Affiliations/Rap group\Label: Lyrical Assault, DRP, 187 Mobstaz

Dirtyroom Productions:


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