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Kung movie nga inuulan ng cameos ng kung sino sinong artista that makes the movie somewhat interesting lalo na siyempre sa field ng music videos and PHS wanted to highlight this million views gaining Youtube video that featured a lot of Filipino rappers, models that made the video fun, unique and obviously viral!

cameo role or cameo appearance (/ˈkæmi/; often shortened to just cameo) is a brief appearance or voice part of a known person in a work of the performing arts, typically unnamed or appearing as themselves. Wiki 

Sino ba ang hindi nakarining sa music video ni Abra na Gayuma. From start to finish, you’ll surely catch one or more remarkable faces. The music video basically tells a story about a young man (Abra) which is deeply and madly in love with this girl that casted a spell upon him to make Abra do so. Ehm, girl ba un? Beki ika-nga na ginayuma si Abra in the process.

Abra Gayuma Music Video | Porma time!

The music video starts where you can see Abra preparing for his date on that day. Grooming, picking the right clothes and stuff. Tapos pag labas niya, daym! Miss Kat Alano. English-Filipino model, actress and television presenter/VJ in the Philippines also known as Violet in Pinoy Hip-hop.

Abra and Kat Alano Gayuma Music Video

They meet and greet then Abra goes to a flower shop and picks up a bouquet. In a unknown restaurant, there he meets the wickedly stunning lady. Upon the entrance you will see Ron Henley (PHS Card)

Ano kaya ung nakita ni Ron Henley?

by the phone stunned as hell dun sa nakita niyang kasama ni Abra, daym son. Along with the crew L.P.D (Lyrically Derrange Poets) Rjay Ty, Alex Onimu, Joseph Amara na nagulantang din sa kasama ng rapper.

L.P.D (Lyrically Derrange Poets) Rjay Ty, Alex Onimu, Joseph Amara

Di lang L.P.D and Ron Henley ang nagtaka sa kasama ni Abra, Si Apekz din, one of our Filipino battle rappers also in Fliptop, together with his girlfriend in the scene.

Apekz | Gayuma Music Video

Then the food is served. Here you will see classic Filipino battle rapper/Rebuttal King, Dello as the waiter plus Thyro & Jeriko Aguilar.

Dello as the waiter along with Thyro & Jeriko Aguilar | Gayuma Music Video
P*tangina! Sabi ni Batas | Gayuma Music Video

Siyempre sa resto comes with a cook and etong sikat na cook na ‘to na napamura sa nakita niyawalang iba kung ‘di our MC/Rapper Batas. After the scene in the resto, Abra and his date decided to stroll along the park and buys a dirty ice cream from our very own Fliptop Battle League founder, Alaric Riam Yuson also known as Anygma.

Mapapa TIME! si Anygma dito sa nakita niyang ka-date ni Abra

The date goes on and you’ll see the love birds now bound on a pedicab which is ridden by Smugglaz, one of the fastest tongue in Philippine Hip-hop na naguluhan sa kasakay ni Abra sa pedicab niya.

WTF! ba Smugglaz? Well, that’s the effect of a Gayuma!

After that scene right there, the couple heads to a refreshment booth and buys a buko juice from a gorgeous lady by the name of Janica Buhain, FHM Online Babe February 2013 (See her on Instagram and Twitter.) na napatingin sa ka-date ni Abra.

Janica Buhain a.k.a Buko Girl | Gayuma Music Video

The girl’s fantasy with Abra comes to an end when Kat Alano warns Abra about what he’s feeling and it’s caused by a “Gayuma”. Confused and all, Abra seeks an albularyo or witch doctor in the character of Zaito to give him a potion to break the spell. Zaito is known for the first ever subtitled battle versus Canadian battle rapper, Charron in Fliptop.

Zaito hands to Abra a potion to end the effect of the Gayuma | Gayuma Music Video

Awaken from the spell, Abra heads to the lady responsible for putting a Gayuma on him. Angered and all, Abra cursed the culprit. You’ll see flashbacks of their time together pero dito nagtatapos ung epekto ng Gayuma kay Abra and he eventually left the girl in vain. Ano nga ba ginagawa ng karamihang naloko? Eh di iinom right? Near the end of the video, you will see Abra drinking away in a bar disappointed to what happened to him but all of a sudden, another gorgeous lady breaks the ice and introduced herself to Abra. Her name is Imelda Schweighart, Filipino model and crowned as Miss Philippines Earth 2016. (See her Facebook page.)

Imelda Schweighart Miss Philippines Earth 2016 | Gayuma Music Video

You’ll see Abra having a second chance with this girl right here. They’ve gone outside, having fun together and all but sa di inaasahang pagkakataon, Imee is about to lean on to Abra’s shoulder putting up a happy-ending scene supposed to be and in a matter of seconds and sudden angle to that particular scene, you will see the same beki that managed to place a second Gayuma spell on Abra.

Yung akala mong “This is it pansit” moment, yun pala… | Gayuma Music Video
Famous Beki Girl Posh Zara Cabbo winning Abra back | Gayuma Music Video

Hella fun music video with a little love struck story involving this gay using the power of Gayuma to win the heart of our very own, Abra. Kala mo tapos na ung cameo? No. Sa pinaka end as in makikita mo cameo appearance naman ni Loonie (PHS Cardwho happens to be watching the whole thing on T.V. and shocked af as well.

Karumal-dumal ba Loonie? Nag bounce back si beki, daym!

Para balikan mo uli lahat ng na mention sa post na ito, here’s Abra’s official music video of Gayuma

Feel free to comment below. Is this the most cameo-studded Filipino Hip-hop music video? Kaninong cameo appearance ung pinaka favorite mo?