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“Tanikala” is a local term for chain/chains, but don’t let his young demeanor fool you. Tanikala has wits that wider than other artist. His rap style is conscious rap and a little lyrical. In his tracks, he discusses life, opinions, imagination not like his contemporaries, lines like Wag mong sirain ang sarili, ayusin para umangat, baka sa huling segundo tumatak ka sa lahat in his Huling Segundo track,

Ni resikolo na liriko ginagawan ng titulo, bawat lirisimo kapalit ay respeto nyo” in his Pananaw track,

“Sa panahon ngayon anong dapat gawin, Kung sino pa ang nasa pwesto sila pa ang salarin” in his Walang Kibo track

His lines are too deep for his age and peers, yet this is what you can expect from him.

A solid artist, a true gem in the Morobeat camp

Real name: Eufrenzy Jeano Mira Chichioco

Affiliation: Morobeats, Fateeha, Medmessiah, Mista

Style: Conscious Rap, Lyrical

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