Sunugan 2019 ***Event pictures 1/3

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So what went down? Medyo naging mainit ang pagtangap sa SUNUGAN 2019 BAD BLOOD, it was a success and a failure, but it keep everyone talking so i consider it a success, luckily thanks to sir Kleb i was able to have access again. Malakas ang event nato ang anlaki ng improvement from the last sunugan i attended, from venue to performances lahat malakas.

The marketing strategy is good, all props to sir Mike Swift, all your efforts paid off.

Enjoy the rest of the pictures i have for this event.

It started with MC Dash and Legit Misfitz performance

The brain behind SUNUGAN sir Mike Swift

Performance from JP Bacallan

Kent MNL

Artist from Midas Records also performs on stage (they have variety of styles, from rnb, rappers and even singers)

Tiny montana



Floor Director? Host? Emcee? Event Organizer? ALL CHECK

Droppout of Rekta sa Kalye


Sir Jack making Mike Swift smile (i wonder what it is?)

Rekta sa Kalye roster grace the stage

Droppout and Rhyne sings their track “Wag kang maingay” (Unicorn Gang Album)


Some familiar faces on the crowd

a satisfied crowd

sagot na ni DJ Buddah ang sounds pag meron mga dead air


although it was advertise heavily by the SUNUGAN matches this night is field with good music, Pinoy Hiphop is too much alive, sama sama mga kilalang artist Pinoy Rap artist even underground, always a good sight to see, always a nice atmosphere, Araw nanaman ng SUNUGAN!