Steven Peregrina Pinoy Hiphop Superstar

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Steven is a promising RNB and acoustic singer known for his mellow-type voice. Beyond singing in a flexible genre, he’s like a one-man band who plays the guitar, keyboard, drums and bass.

Calle Con, Kalye Tunes, Sunugan, Maskipaps 2018, Rakrakan 2018 were just some of the many distinguished events where Steven performed. Also, he appears on different well-known bars and clubs in the Philippines who support local rap artists such as Lokal Caven, Upperhouse BGC, and URBN QC.

He started his profession by uploading covers wherein one has reached more than 8M views which is overwhelming for a young starting artist. When he got noticed on starting his career in producing beats, he got affiliations with Because, KNTMNL, Matthaios, Droppout, Calvin De Leon, and Nick Hernandez who brought him in MIDA$ Records with Soultrap, Rnb, Pop and Rock genre.



Rap style x Genre: Soultrap, Rnb, Pop and Rock genre.

Affiliations x Rap group x Label: MIDA$ Records

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