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Filipinos are so well known to copy famous acts, people, styles, movies, lifestyle. Even piracy is a norm to all of us, although it’s not really a good thing, we became used it and even made a negative thing into something positive. It’s only a matter of how you became better. In Pinoy Hip-hop, we see acts that sound like their foreign counterparts. The good thing, these emcees are not denying any fact that they were inspired by the artists, so it’s not like a rip-off or something. Anyways, inspired or rip-off, these acts need skills and still hard to follow.

So sino sino nga ba ang mga magkakatunog sa larangan ng Local hip-hop?

Special Mention:

Top Dogg (Dongalo) sounds like Snoop Dogg

Negatibo at sometime sounds like Eminem

Pamilia Dimagiba described by some as the Wu-Tang Clan of the Philippines.

Snitchizy sounds like Lil Wayne

Hi-Jakkk somehow sounds like Tupac

Crazymix somehow sounded like Gloc-9

The Golden Age Alchem sounded like Krayzie Bone as well

Juan Thugs really sounded like BONE THUGS and HARMONY


Mista Blaze and Bizzy Bone, Soundslike

Mista Blaze sounds like Bizzy Bone

When I first heard Mista blaze, he was the first thing that came into my mind as I was listening to Bizzy bone, but I was wrong, and not only Mista Blaze sounded like Bizzy but somehow or someway he kinda looks and moves the way Bizzy does. Mista is obviously a big fan of Bone thugs, who doesn’t?

Mista BLAZE was most recognized as the Bizzy Bone of the Philippines.

Blingzy One and Bizzy Bone, Soundslike

Blingzy One sounds like Bizzy Bone

Blingzy of Juan Thugs. I remember, I was searching for a rapper on Youtube that time and I have no clue and no one really introduced me to Juan Thugs and found them eventually. At first (sorry about this one) I thought this was a rip-off and thought it would be funny, but I still listened to them (without knowing what they look like) by the end of the day napapangiti nalang ako as I was thinking “Bone Thugs Nagtatagalog”. I listened to every track they have and they were so good at it they really sounded like Bizzy and Krayzie Bone, and I instantly became a fan.

Kawayan and Bizzy Bone, Soundslike

Like Juan Thugs, I never really know Kawayan until I made the PHS account. I listened to the guy and realized that he was a Bizzy Bone all the way. He was good at it and some fans even considered him as the better Bizzy Bone-inspired artist. He may or he may not still this artist is worth your time to listen to.

Inozent One and Krazie Bone, Soundslike

Probably one of the most recognizable voices in the 187 Mobstaz roster, there is no doubt that Inocent One is the best Krayzie Bone inspired artist we have, and I must admit that I’m a huge fan of this guy, the “Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang” track was sick. The voice and the style, daym!

It’s nice to have a Krayzie Bone in the Philippines.

McNasty and Krazie Bone, Soundslike

I’ve heard it’s not really his style before, but the way he adopted the style make it so good to him and it’s nice that he did it and perfected it.

Khen Magat and Gloc-9, Soundslike

When he was new, he was described by most fans as the Gloc-9 of Dongalo, he spits rapid-fire flows and equally good as sir Aris, but he didn’t stop there. He became so good that he made a name for himself. Now he’s not just someone who sounded like Gloc 9, he is Khen Magat, period.

Spyker One and Blingzy One, Soundslike

Yeah you read that right, people may not agree but I don’t hear him be sounded like Bizzy Bone, although he almost does, I still think he sounded like Blingzy, but quite a little hungrier and faster.

Pmack and D-Coy, Soundslike

I’m not quite sure if Pmack was inspired by Dcoy, but I remembered listening to him at first and thought I listened to a Dcoy track when I founded out that it’s not Dcoy the admiration didn’t stop. I respect an artist that sounded so clear and smooth.

Aikee and Bow Wow, Soundslike

Not really sounded like Bow Wow, but the vibe of being like Bow Wow is there. Most fans and even Aikee himself consider him as the Bow Wow of Pinas, and no one would dare to take that credit away.

Pricetagg and The Game, Soundslike

Not denying the fact that he is inspired by The Game, effortlessly he really sounded like The Game, and as far as I know (maybe there’s another artist I didn’t know who sounded like him as well) but for me,

Pricetagg is The Game of the Philippines.

Klumcee and Konflick, Soundslike

By researching this topic, I realized that Klumcee somehow sounded like Konflick although he has his own different style on his flows, yeah they somehow sounded alike. Thanks for suggesting The Golden Age Alchem.

Duke Ricafort and Konflick, Soundslike

Another underground artist has the same sound as Konflict and the weird thing its also his original flow,

I’m not so sure if he’s inspired by sir Konflict but daym that style is really good.

Listen to the last verse here:

And there you have it, well hindi naman masama if an artist sounded just like another artist, kung ginaya nya man ito o hindi, Sabi ng ni sir Kiko:

“mangopya ka man siguraduhin mong, mas mabuti sa kinopyahan at matinong matino”

What we reap is what we saw. We copy what inspires us as long as we know how to give proper credit and crafted the style that we chose to copy. There is nothing wrong with that. Enjoy the list mga kapatid till the next article…

Special thanks to The Golden Age Alchem for his insights and suggestions and to all the fans who suggest as well.

By the way, if you think you can write better or have better topics, hit me up, I’m more than willing to post other writer’s topic here as well.