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Rudebwoy MNL Pinoy Hip-hop Superstar

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Rudebwoy MNL is consisting of extraordinary talented emcees bringing you a fusion of Hip-hop and Reggae music. Both members came from the reggae band DREADKNOT USED, Leal played keys and KV played guitars/vocals since the year 2010. Both members have influences from hip-hop culture so they started making collaboration tracks together with the vocalist of DKU Rambwoy. No name yet for the duo and still bringing the name DKU as the name of the group. The group is seen in some hip-hop events handled by Jugg of BFE and Pikaso of Turf.
Officially founded in 2013 under the umbrella production of Rapskallion Familia by Krazykyle the duo was included in the powerhouse roster of the production. They first appeared in the collaboration track ‘FOR US BY US’ Music Video which was sponsored by FUBU Manila Clothing. RBM’s track collaboration with DKU’s Rambwoy titled ‘NAUGHTY GIRL’ is included in the FUBU Album in 2013. The RBM is also seen in DYSEONE Clothing’s music video title ‘RAPSKALLION 4 LIFE’.
RBM signed 2 tracks under Vertical Brew Management, ‘Don’t Walk Away’ featuring Krazykyle, and the original production of ‘Everywhere’ featuring MC Doughboy. The contract got them ring-back tones for Globe and Smart subscribers, Spotify, and iTunes Streaming Download.

RBM released a 5 track Album self-titled in June 2016 that sold out 200 copies in 2 weeks. Included in the EP Album was a collaboration track between Lougee of Mojofly. Also in 2016, they released their first music video titled ‘EVERYWHERE’ which was made by Colab. And RBM is now recording 10 tracks for their LP Album under Longevity Records (Independent Label).

RBM released its 2nd music video ‘Agos ng Buhay’ featuring Pmack aka NCkid of Rapskallion Familia and Solomon Stark gave the track a new flavor from the original version that RBM made with the band DreadKnot Used. Agos was written and Arranged by Leal Nanca. The video was shot and directed by Ryan Cariquitan.

Vocals x Keys – Tristan ‘LEAL TRIST’ Nanca
Vocals – Vjay ‘KRAYZIE V’ Dano
Bassist – Red Wigga
Guitars – Tim Cada
Drums – Yuan Sy

Rap style x Genre: Hip-hop & Reggae fusion

Affiliations x Rap group x Label: Rapskallion Familia, Longevity Records (Independent Label).


Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/rudebwoymanila
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/RudebwoyMNL


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