Rekta sa Kalye Circus Music Festival ***event Pictures

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First of all congrats to Vince “Droppout” Marasigan for this successful event, I know the year is just getting started but damn!!! this is by far the biggest event I’ve ever seen, kahit ako natutulala ako sa crowd paminsan minsan, I also saw some familiar faces and some friends. Nakakatuwa lang makakita ng successful Hip-hop event although not only Hip-hop centric but a live event as a whole.

Maybe people are looking forward to live events, maybe they just love the music pero nakakamiss ung mga ganitong event, naka kwentuhan ko rin si Droppout kung papano to nagsimula or papano nagsimula ung Rekta sa Kalye that you can aslo check it here:

Rekta sa Kalye

and now ung maliit na event event sa kalye na isang munting pangrap ay isang malaking event na ngayon.

Issa Loki

Statik Girls


Franchize “Archie Malate”

Hosted by MC Dash

Unique Salonga

The man, and the head of this event Vince “Droppout” Marasigan

Kambal ng Morebeats is also in the house.

Matthaios x Nick Hernandez

Statik Girls 
Jay Flava x Franchize

The Crowd surely loving this moment

Even Nick Hernandez himself

Paul N of Psychadelic Boyz

Jaiga (Social media influencers)

The crowd loving everything they see

Droppout and the Unicorn Gang

MC Blain showing the love for the head of of Rekta Sa Kalye “Droppout”

The Most beloved Villian grace the stage next

Together with JP Bacallan performs “Pahina”

and a collaboration performance with CLR

Mike Kosa and Kier Ferrer grace the stage as well

and so as Omar Baliw

Di pa nagsi sync in sa kanya pero ako na mismo nagsabi how successful this event is a schedule of the event, that will serve as a memorabilia

and the crowd surely loves everything as well.

The biggest event I’ve ever see? and the best thing about it, is we are just getting started this year! So imagine what 2023 can give us. Congrats sir Droppout, ung dating maliit na pangarap isang full blown event that everybody can now enjoy. Now this is part of Hip-hop history.



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