Raygee Yonge Dreams Review

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Raygee Yonge Dreams EP. One of Southeast Cartel's "halimaw" rapper. Featuring 5 well-written tracks that tell Raygee's journey in the rap game.

Raygee Yonge Dreams Review

Another must-listen Pinoy hip-hop EP if you already love Southeast Cartel!. I did a bit of research what does “Yonge” means. It happens to be a street in Canada where Raygee has a lot of memories, to begin with, or where it all started; his journey to the rap game together with the rest of Southeast Cartel and this EP right here pretty much tells us Raygee’s story while at the same time conveying inspirations to many. A 5 track EP yet contains different sides of Raygee. Here’s our quick review of Yonge Dreams EP…

Picasso, the first track of the EP. Just like the Spanish painter, Pablo Ruiz Picasso, Raygee tells how he seemingly create his own masterpiece of rap on the canvas that hip-hop provides.

Yet I bleed in yellow, white and red and blue
Pictures worth a thousand words
Then it’s time to paint a view

Leonardo homie with the hard flow! Raygee is also an audio engineer as well, so he creates his own mixes, beats plus his creativity in his rap, no doubt he’s a Picasso in Pinoy hiphop.

2nd track, Stay Blessed. Very straight forward track. Avoiding the talk shit around you and just focus on your craft and go get that money! Hustlin’

Stay loyal, stay blessed!
Go and get your paper screw the rest

Southeast Cartel won’t stop. They just play it and repeat!


Raygee saying “look at me NOW, yo look at me…” in this third track of the EP, Remember. Reminiscing how geeky he was back in the days, saying he was wack and all of that negativity surrounding him.

My, my, my how the tables are flipped
Coz’ now they be jamming to all of our hits
whoa, whoa, whoa!

Damn, right I say! All of his hard work paid off. As a result, just look at the success of Southeast Cartel and Raygee NOW

But through it all, I persevere
Every time I feel like lost myself
Then I think about all the shit that brought me here
When it all become clear

Remember like, remember your roots, remember what you came for and stick to the “why” you are doing it in the first place. Strong motivational track if you’re feeling down. Remember, when you don’t GIVE UP, you cannot freaking FAIL!

The fourth track, and my personal favorite, Hungry, Gutom in Tagalog. I love the start of the track, that ominous vibe like there’s a stalking wolf pack ready to tear you to pieces, and that wolf pack right there would be Raygee and the rest of the Southeast Cartel.


Me and my homies we hungry
Me and my homies, GUTOM

Almost a hustlin’ and gangsta/hardcore feel track for me parang Quatro Uno Seis, 2nd track sa Black Sheep album (na rereviewhin din namin sunod, daym long overdue pero better late than nothing!) Pa-angasan na track in Yonge Dreams EP? Hungry (Gutom) will definitely be it!

Do It For

Last track in the EP. Raygee ain’t shit without the fans, he says. Every artist would not exist at all if no one appreciates their talent, not just any talent. A talent that was honed from humble beginnings, hard work and imperfections that will bring into existence this ala Picasso masterpiece. Therefore, Raygee gives a big shout out to everyone who supported his music in this track.

Hindi ka talaga magtataka bakit napaka-unique na rap group ng Southeast Cartel, and Raygee is one of them rappers that makes the crew so lit especially if you get the chance to listen to this EP. He’s not going solo remember and I encourage you aspiring rappers out there to follow him as well because he is sharing tips and tricks in his Facebook page about mixes, beats and all about hip-hop and rap.

Yonge Dreams EP Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/0xH3rxsahjVG6wN0h1uCQg

Raygee socials
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RaygeeOfficial/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrCt00qgVeq0M11pertoVMA
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drussdalegend/

Southeast Cartel
Site: http://southeastcartel.com/

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