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It was a year ago when I stumble upon a mixtape called “Manilafornia” which features local artist but sounded a way different, way foreign perhaps. It was spearheaded by a rapper/producer named “Zyme” but who’s Zyme? A rapper who like comic books own a cat, a fan of black color, sushi, can rollerblade & draw awesome! He proudly says he can kick ass on Mario Kart! Random info that created a great man. Collaborated with most Local emcee that we know of, but how can he blend in? How was his journey? Just read below:

PHS: first and foremost what’s up, what’s new with you sir?

Zyme Rewlz: Whassup guys! So lots have been new to me. Working on more music than ever dropping a mixtape every month this year. We just had Internet Mixtape come out and now The BlackOut Mixtape is coming 3.15.19.
PHS: Since when you end up doing your music here?
Zyme Rewlz: Came to the Philippines about 10 years ago and have been coming back and forth between USA and PHz building the bridge.
PHS: Can you tell us more about the Manilafornia Project?
Zyme Rewlz: Manilafornia was a mixtape series that focused on collaborating artists from USA and artists from the Philippines on songs together.
PHS: Why did you decide to create music to Pinoys and how was it like?
Zyme Rewlz: Growing up in the Bay Area California I have always been surrounded by Pinoy’s so that’s why I chose to make lots of music with Pinoy artists. Cause I feel a part of the culture even tho I am foreign.
PHS: Who are the artist in the Philippines you love to work with or anyone you wanna work with in the future?
Zyme Rewlz: I always like working with my friend and one of my inspirations Bugoy Na KoyKoy. We always make good songs together. Be sure to check out Mama We Made It.
PHS: How was it like working here, or performing in a foreign crowd to you?
Zyme Rewlz: I love the energy in the Philippines when I perform. It’s lit af!
PHS: What can we expect from you in the years to come?
Zyme Rewlz: Expect a lot of music from me this year. A lot of music videos and content. An international collaboration with a very popular mainstream artist and artists from Thailand, USA, Vietnam, Philippines, and South Africa.
PHS: Where can find the newest update of your music or gigs?
Be sure to subscribe to my Spotify channel for all my music. Zyme.
Also, add me on social media@zymeiscool
PHS: Your message to the people who support you along the way (Shout out to everyone you like)
Zyme Rewlz: So many shout outs that I’m gonna forget some! But first and foremost Salamat to all of Zyme Nation. The tireless support from Zyme Nation keeps me going. We run the world!!!!! Shout out to Bugoy, Poodong, and the whole 2 Joints family. Shot out to the Careless Manila family! Gra The Great, Droppout, J Blaze, Bong, Dzby, Mike Kosa, Blaze N Kane, Sole Slam, Manila Bomb Squad, ACDMND$, Bawal Clan, Dash, Dj Luane, And everyone else u know who u are!!!

Who would thought such talent will reach the likes of Philippines. Zyme could have collaborated with known foreign artists in a much wider audience but instead, he chose Pinoys and he has this genuine goal of building a strong pact with hip-hop artists around the globe.

A foreign artist in a foreign crowd yet well respected and loved. The King of Pinoy Hip-hop Francis M once told us:

Sa Lawak ng mundo ng hip-hop lahat ay kasya

and he was right.

Founder of Pinoy Hiphop Superstar. Marvel/DC Universe fanatic. Infinity War came true right before his eyes. A "One Man Army" must have. Charismatic poet with the arsenal of arts undefined to many but unique to it's own purpose.
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