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Sa lawak ng mundo ng hiphop lahat ay kasya

Sabi nga ng haring si Francis M. Napakarami na ng saklaw ng Hiphop ngayon, marami ng naniniwala, maraming nagbabakasakali at sumusuporta sa local hiphop and malaking bagay ang mga social media platforms and channels such as Wish 105 na talagang malaki ang naitulong sa Pinoy hiphop pero isa sa dapat nating pasalamat sa larangang ito ay ang mga walang sawang event organizer, talent managers that put money, effort and time para may maiambag sa kultura.
Nakausap ko ang isang Nick Hernandez. Isang executive producer, club DJ, talent manager, co-founderΒ ng HYDRO Music Festival, Calle Con and founder of Midas Records (Rappers/Singers) Midas Nightlife (DJs/MCs). Isang manager that’s eager to help local talents to become a star. So what have we discussed? Read our random interview below:
Nick Hernandez of Mida$ Records | Pinoy Hiphop Superstar
PHS: You created MIDAS? Anong meaning nito? How did you come up with this idea?
Nick Hernandez: From the story of King Midas … The guy who has the “Golden Touch”… Yun lahat ng mahawakan nya nagiging ginto… Thats what my/our vision.. Everything that we do or bring out is GOLD…
KNTMNL x SACHZNA – Tamang Hinala (Official Music Video)
“Tamang Hinala” KNTMNL & Sachzna Produced by: Solomon Stark & KNTMNL Director: Jayr Del Rosario Story Writter: Sachzna Laparan & Kent Enriquez Video Producer
PHS: WOW that’s interesting, pero how did it start? Can you tell me more about it’s history
Nick Hernandez: Well, I’ve been into the hiphop scene since 2006 pa.. So fan tlaga ako ng Filipino hiphop… Started managing Hiphop dancers (Unschooled) nung 2008… Then along the way I met and made friends with almost all the Hiphop artists in the Philippines… Been helping them with their music videos, bar tours, or get them for my events from my Team Strato days til now sa Hydro ManilaSo I’ve been dealing with DJs, MCs, Dancers, Rappers, etc dati pa..
It’s always been a dream of mine na maging rapper or makapagtayo ng record label and manage artists…parang si Diddy and his Bad Boy Records… Idol ko yun sobra eh.. I wanna be like him and start my own empire…
Wala ako talent sa pag rarap and pagkanta eh… So dun nako sa next big thing… Manage and make Hiphop STARS… One thing na you are a king..
But there’s a different satisfaction and level of achievement if you are a “King Maker”…
So yun.. Since I’ve been friends and helping naman na artists since dati pa… Might as well make it formal and official dba.. That’s why I formally created Midas Music & Entertainment last year.
Under it are the 3 departments: Mida$ Records – Singers, Rappers, Producers Midas Nightlife – DJs/MCs Midas Creatives – Videographers, Photographers, Stylists, Choreographers, Graphic Artist.
Midas Record Roster | Pinoy Hiphop Superstar
PHS: WOW that’s quite big, kumbaga isang buong production na sya, anong main qualification mo sir of picking a talent? Have you ever pick something wrong before? Or do you stick to your plan and make them stars dahil naniniwala kana sa una palang.
Nick Hernandez:
3 factors that I look into whenever I book or get a talent sa events ko or sa talent agency ko. Skills, marketability, attitude dapat lahat yan atleast 7/8 out of 10 each aspect..
Kasi kahit gano ka kagaling.. Kung may attitude ka naman.. WALA KA pa rin mararating.. Or if gwapo/maganda ka nga.. Panget naman ugali mo or wala ka tlaga talent… Wala din.. So hand in hand tlaga dapat yung 3…
I had my share of booking or grooming talents na may attitude… Kahit na super galing or super marketable… If I have problems with his/her attitude (mayabang, stubborn, etc), I stop helping and booking them…
I want positive people lang around my circle… Para positive lng din lahat ng darating..
PHS: Since your a fan of hiphop music, local hiphop, sinong mga influences mo dito? Sinong mga closest to you in our local hiphop community?
Nick Hernandez: ANDAME! hahah..
Music – naging fan ako ng OPM Hiphop because of Francis M, Andrew E., Mastaplann, Legit Misfitz, Ghetto Doggs, Sun Valley Crew, Kulay, 7 shots….
My older brother introduced me to that kind of music when I was 8 yo I think.. Then when I got older I became friends with sila B-roc, Nathan J, Mike Swift, KrayzieKyle, Pikaso, Mikekosa,Flipmusic, LDP, BnK, Thyro, Yumi, Pow, Quest, Team Sunday, Tuesday Troops, etc.. Lahat halos sila naging tropa kahit nung promoter pa lng ako sa BGC and QC..
Closest? DZ SVG – we go way back… Since 2007 i think… I consider that guy as still as one of best friends… We dont hang out that much now but we know when we need each other andun kame.. No homo.. Haha..
B-roc/Nathan J – my Kuyas in this industry…
Introduced me and made me part of “The Community”1st Hiphop event ko yun na ginawa as an organizer.. Dami ko natutunan dun.. Until now parang kuya ko pa rin yung mga yun.. Helped me with a lot of stuff sa hiphop and sa events..
Kent MNL/Matthaios/Himig Borhuh and the rest of Mida$ records and Midas Nightlife – sila lagi ko nakakasama ko now…
Parang mga anak/batang kapatid ko lahat yung mga yun.. Special mention yung 3 kasi sila talaga yung halos lahat ng galaw nila they run it thru me and we do and plan moves together…
Sila Droppout and Douglas Brocklehurst pa pala now because sila din yung partners ko sa Calle ConWe share the same vision… Araw araw magkakausap kame lagi… 24/7 kame online.. Haha
PHS: I heard about you since there’s this one time that sir B-roc mentioned you and give your big props. So you’ve been in this game for so long pla. Considered and well respected because your also a event producers, pero kamusta ang Midas Nightlife? Kamusta ang DJ scene sa Pinas? Never pa kasi namin itong na discuss and I wanted to have an insight
Nick Hernandez: Dj scene is thrivingSuper daming djs na may surplus na… Pero ofcourse dun na lalabas yung Skills, Marketability, Attitude factors in order for you to get booked… Survival of the fittest.. You have to adapt sa time and sa market.. So if magpapaka purista ka… NGA-NGA ka bro… Your music library should be broad… Pede ka mag hiphop,trap, edm, top 40s, open format, etc…
One good take away now pala is you can now play OPM sa sets mo.. Specially sa Music Festivals… Tanggap na ng tao ang OPM sa dj sets and mas nakukuha mo attention nila if may opm sa set mo…
PHS: From old school to new school, ano sa tingin mong malaking kaibihan ng music? and what can we expect from Midas in years to come.
Nick Hernandez: “ACCESSIBILITY” Before in order for you to listen to Hiphop music you have to buy or borrow cds/casette tapes… Or abang ka sa MTV ng mvs nila.. Yung iba that time hinde pa bumababa sa pinas… Unlike now one click away lahat… So imagine pano pa kaya yung ikaw yung gagawa ng music…
Madd props sa OGs for that.. Cant imagine their struggle of producing and distributing their music nung time na yun…
So that goes to show also how easy to GET and GIVE info about other artists as well around the world. Kaya naman maraming bata na magagaling ngayon because of their knowledge sa industry.. Bata pa lang namulat na sa scene…
Claiming it… Midas Music & Entertainment will be BIG
We will sign soon with one of the top record labels in the world also for distribution… Can’t name it yet but it’s almost a done deal…Midas Nightlife aside from the vets sa industry.. Halos lahat ng magaling na batang djs nasa midas…so the future is bright… Now pa lang most of them are dominating the scene na eh.. So what more sa future..Same goes with Mida$ Records… Their age range is from17-25yo…
We got a long way to go but I’m confident that my artists have the talent, marketability and attitude na makabreakthrough sila lahat not only here in the Philippines but also in Asia and around the world.
Our main vision is not to compete here but to compete worldwide… WE (not only Midas) but us Filipinos can compete and do better than 88 Rising.. There I said it… Haha KAYA NATIN YUN… MAS MAGALING pa nga tayo dun eh!
We speak better english, mas malaki social media presence natin compared to any other country… And WE HAVE THE TALENT to back it up… so why not dba.. 😊
Nick Hernandez | Pinoy Hiphop Superstar
PHS: It’s nice to have producers that believe in our local talent and totoo naman we have talented people here that deserved recognition and admirations of fans too. So meron ka bang message sa mga nangangarap maging rap artist or dj, or wanting to be part of entertainment industry? Message to your supporters too
Nick Hernandez:
Cliche man.. Pero.. “Follow your Passion…” BUT… do it 100% hinde pede half baked or 80% lng… Bitaw tlaga dapat lahat.. Focus ka dapatsagiangawa mo…
Then totoo din yung “It’s not what you know, It’s who you know” Kahit gano ka kagaling if walang naniniwala or tutulong sayo… Wala.. NGANGA… So babalik tayo sa Skills, Marketability, Attitude..
Atleast 8/10 ka dapatlagi dun sa 3 yun… Develop mo thru time… Treat everyone with respect kahit gano kalaki or kaliit pa yung tao.. You will never know… KA-LEVEL mo sila lahat dapat… Hinde ka mataas..or hinde ka rin mababa sa kanila…
Skills and Marketability napagaaralan and natutunan yan.. ang Pakikisama hinde… Dapat mabuti talaga puso mo…
As I always say… “Always have good intentions.. And you will have great things ahead of you…”


Midas Record | Pinoy Hiphop Superstar
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