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Random Interview with Mark Beats

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From humble beginnings in the limelight of the recent Battle of the Beats comes an aspiring Pinoy hip-hop musician who is the man behind Rawstarr, Mark Beats. You’ve definitely heard of Pricetagg’s music, CLR, Tiny Montana, Because and their tracks possess these sole “beats” that made the track much more lit to awesome. Know more a little bit of this Pinoy hiphop arsenal that engineered them viral Pinoy hiphop tracks.

Mark Beats | Pinoy Hiphop Superstar

PHS: Anong idea mo to come up with the group Rawstarr? And how you handpick your roster of artist?

Mark Beats: My idea is to put up a independent record label and a collective which composed of talented individuals from underground scene that deserves spotlight.

By the way,

Rawstarr came from the two words: “Raw” & “Star” meaning (Raw/fresh talent with star quality).

Pag dating naman sa handpicking ng artist/s, basically me and Kris Delano decides kung sino ipapasok namin sa grupo. 

Mark Beats and Rawstarr | Pinoy Hiphop Superstar

PHS: What motivates you to do a beat for an artist?

Mark Beats: One of the reasons that motivates me to do a beat for an artist is his/her style

PHS: Is there a Pinoy hiphop artist you haven’t done a beat with or what is your dream collaboration?

Mark Beats:

Yes, madami pa sila pero isa sa mga dream collab ko is to collab with Loonie or RonThug

PHS: Any influences, inspirations on how you create beats?

Mark Beats: Watching beat making videos of Ryan Leslie and Scott Storch.

PHS: If you’re not a beat maker, what would you be in life in general?

Mark Beats: Either I’ll end up working in a corporate world or DJing every night in night clubs. I really don’t know. LOL.

Mark Beats and a turntable | Pinoy Hiphop Superstar

PHS: Gusto mo rin ba maging Pinoy hiphop artist for a change?

Mark Beats: We’ll never know. Maybe soon!

PHS: How does it feel when the track you’ve done a beat with goes viral or gains thousand or millions views?

Mark Beats: It makes me more motivated and humble.

PHS: Your vision 5 years from now?

Mark Beats:

Mark Beats is on every charts and playlists

PHS: From Battle of the Beats, to a main producer of Rawstarr naisip mo na ba to before, have you plan it?

Mark Beats: No, I never knew it. I’m just enjoying the journey then come what may.

PHS: Where can find the latest about your and your music?

Mark Beats: Check out my latest crafts on my YouTube channel just search and type “Mark Beats” then lahat din ng mga produced kong tracks for different artists ay nasa Spotify din at sa iba pang online music platforms worldwide. 

Champ DJ, Mark Beats | Pinoy Hiphop Superstar

PHS: Message mo to all aspiring music producers, beat maker?

Mark Beats: Just keep doing what you love.

It’s all about hardwork, dedication & patience. Those three factors will lead you to your success.

Mark Beats | Pinoy Hiphop Superstar

PHS: Lastly your shout out to all your friends and fans. Thank you

Mark Beats: Shout outs sa lahat ng mga taong sumusuporta sa musika ko lalo na sa mga legit day ones! Di ko na kayo iisa-isahin, alam nyo na yun. Maraming maraming salamat sa inyong lahat! Expect more dope tracks from your boy this year.

Becoming the champion in the Battle of the Beats, who would have known this beat maker will pursue more of his passion. Kung sa ordinaryong tao, kakainin na siya ng kasikatan, pera at malilihis sa totoong pinapangarap but not in the shoes of Mark Beats. He made beats to many artists and helped them shine with their signature tracks and still doing so at this point and not only that, he created Rawstarr which holds a selection of Pinoy hiphop artists that further elevated his career and of those in the label, as well.

We need more of this kind of professionality that is both humble and inspiring. Pinoy Hiphop will definitely reach levels we never thought of.

Mark Beats Socials
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5ikrol18Q6F0nnLpm3u-dA
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/markbeatsproductions/

Image sources: https://www.facebook.com/djmarkbeatsmarkbeats

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