Random Interview with Las Dueñas

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Since the creation of Pinoyhiphopsuperstar what we wanted is to be a channel of
OPM or Local hiphop, in time we created enough influence that we can feature artist from here and outside, there are some artist we tried to reach and artist who trust us enough, Randomly i was able to talk to Chiemi and Niebla of Las Dueñas and ofcourse i grab the chance to interview her and know more details about the group. My bad, can’t let opportunity slips away, read what discuss below:

PHS: What does las duenas means? And can you give me a little history how the group was formed?

Niebla: Las Dueñas is Spanish for the boss girls (similar to Las Doñas in Tagalog). We met through our friends in the San Francisco hip hop scene, we wanted to have a name that would represent our identities as mixed heritage API’s who are also a part of a larger movement of emerging women artists at this time. We also wanted to let it be known that we don’t stand for no bullshit! We represent a new generation of women of color who aren’t afraid to stand up to the violence and sexism around us.

PHS: Who was yout musical influences? And what musical style do you adopt?

Niebla: We like to think that we have our own style of music that ties together elements of R&B, hip hop, pop, and trap. But some of the artists we look up to are Joyce Wrice, Erykah Badu, India Arie, Lauryn Hill, Ruby Ibarra, Saweetie, Kelela, and Jorja Smith

PHS: Where do you guys performed? Las duenas is based on where? Have you ever tried to perform in the other country or state? If so hows the reception of the crowd?

Niebla: We perform at many different types of venues that range from bars and nightclub venues to high schools and parks because our music touches on many different topics. Our most recent performances were at San Francisco’s 40th Annual Carnaval, John O’Connell High School, and Brick & Mortar Music Hall (for our own album release!). Up until now, we haven’t performed outside of California, but we do plan on touring different colleges around the United States including Amherst College in Massachusetts. These performances will include songs from our debut, self titled album, we just released this May.


PHS: how did you find out about Pinoy Hiphop Superstar? Do you have any connection or have ever collaborated, or known any local artist from the Philippines?

Niebla: We came across the blog one day when reading an online article on Ruby Ibarra. Like Ruby, Niebla is also a Bay Area-raised Filipino, her mother comes from Calamba in the Philippines.

In our recently released self-titled album “Las Dueñas,” we have a collaboration with Ruby Ibarra’s DJ, Mister Rey, as well as with Filipino American rapper Ro3lay. The name of the song is “Sunshine” and it illustrates through rap and song the urban Asian Pacific Islander experience in the Bay Area. Las Dueñas will also be on some upcoming collaborations with Filipino-American rapper, Bwan of Beatrock Music.


PHS: Your thoughts on the current era of hiphop right now?, your opinion about mumble rap?

Chiemi: I honestly don’t know much about the various hip hop movements happening in other places around the world right now, but I do know that out here we are seeing a huge increase in female artists in not only underground and local hip hop scenes but also in mainstream music, and movies as well. It’s a beautiful thing that the world is slowly starting to listen to woman of color after so many years of behind left out of the picture. I’m excited to see where this female-forward movement will take us.

Niebla: Hip-hop is constantly changing, and I think that for the most part, it’s gearing toward a more hyphy and party movement. I do listen to this new wave of hip-hop, but I’m looking for more music that represents people like me/us. There are a lot of rising female hip-hop/R&B artists, like Jorja Smith, Joyce Wrice, and Ruby Ibarra who look at the legacies of female hip-hop and cultivate them into fresher ideas that are becoming more and more apparent to the public eye. In my/our music I/we plan to replicate this idea while also giving our music a unique sound given our diverse backgrounds.

PHS: Where can we find more about your music?

Niebla: Right now we have Facebook and Instagram, where you can find out about upcoming shows and announcements at @lasduenas415. Our self-titled album “Las Dueñas” is available for streaming on all music platforms including SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, Tidal, and more.

PHS: Your shout outs to anyone, message to fans?

Chiemi: Shout outs to our community!! We were both lucky enough to have been raised by tight-knit communities of hella San Francisco musicians, performers, and community organizers — and we wouldn’t be doing the work we do now without the endless love and guidance we’ve received from our neighborhood friends and families and extended families. These groups include: the Old Soul Kollective, PODER, the Return of the Cypher, Next Move SFC, SFSU’s Afro Cuban Jazz Ensemble, LJYE, Loco Bloco, MCCLA, Pine United Methodist, JCYC, JACL, St. Anthony’s Church, SF SOTA, CCSF, and more.

Additional Show Updates:
Our next two performances in the Bay Area will be on June 29 at Calle 11 in the SOMA district of San Francisco, opening up for Ro3lay, Dregs One, and Versoul and on July 7 in Oakland at the Alan Blueford Center for Justice with Tatu Vision.

Las Dueñas album release party (at Brick & Mortar Music Hall):

Carnaval SF Performance:

Short Interview clip with Radio Valencia:

..a new generation of female emcees who wanna represent, why not?
We are lucky to have em & hell yeah we have plenty of room for Las Dueñas!

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