Projekt Stealth “Hiphop the Good Work” Album Review

Currently enjoying Projekt Stealth’s “Hiphop the good work” album. Somehow this album reminds me of Madd Poets. I’m not sure if the group inspired by them, (and im not a fan of comparison, but I meant this in the good way) because the feel and the vibe was there, specially the track Araw araw which i believe a sample hook I’ve heard from the classic group. This album is a perfect mix of New/Old school and in this Millennial era. It is so nice to hear an album like this again as it brings hiphop to it’s roots. Projekt Stealth knows how to do hooks specially the “Pabalik” track which makes me remember how i love local rap in the first place. My current favorite is the “Wasak” track. I don’t know there’s something there, maybe because of semi horrorcore type that’s different from the rest of the album. Is this album worth your money? Hell yes!!! Grab it when it comes out.
 Special shout our to sir Stephen Luigi for allowing me to hear this album.

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