Princess Thea ✪ – Mabangis (Official Music Video) MC Beats

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Trending on Youtube as of July 18th. Another music video from this female rapper, Princess Thea.

Check out here another video:

We have little info yet for this aspiring talent and we are planning to do an interview. As of today or as of the moment she dropped her music videos, she’s getting a lot of hate and bashes from the social media from endless Youtube comments to silly memes.

Bashed or not, you can’t deny she’s already done feats I believe no one can do at her age right now. Aside from the dislikes, of course, she’s getting thousand to million views already. Naninibago lang siguro ang pinoy sa ganitong approach, baduy, korny daw, cringy etc. tapos kasi bata pa ung rapper pero they don’t know the essence behind it. It’s still for the love of hip-hop for I know. She’s doing her thing and she loves it. Kung ‘di mo ma gets how hip-hop works or don’t appreciate any part of it, then I guess nakikisabay ka lang sa kung anong uso sa harapan mo and just go with the flow like everyone else. Sabagay, it’s still a freedom of speech kaso before ka mag lapag ng komento, tingin ka muna sa sarili mo if mas angat ka dun sa taong binabash mo.

Sabi nga sa isang comment sa Youtube, baka bulbulin na ‘tong mga nag cocoment, palamunin ng nanay, tambay ampota, classic keyboard warrior pero in reality walang ‘kinginang na achieve sa buhay.