Tres Diablos Pinoy Hip-hop Superstar

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In the era of Pinoy Rap dominated by trap inspired music is it nice to know that there’s a group who still utilizing the Hardcore rap style enter Tres Diablos representing Cainta, this group compose of 3 members Reyan Estrada aka Lourd Bubuyog, Jang Grave Bayaban a.k.a Kalum Kalahi and Aljendro Jauculan a.k.a Bertong Panot. They sited that they were inspired by Ghetto Doggs, Gulpe De Gulat, Kampo Terroritmo, Wutang Clan, and Onyx. Their music is raw, in your face and aggressive it will make you appreciate the old school music even more.

Last year (2020) these battled tested emcees participated in Dongalo’s Philippine Rap Olympics as one of the finalist. Soon they plan to release more tracks and a clothing line and album to watch out for.

Rap style x Genre: Hardcore

Affiliations x Rap group x Label: Rehipmo, Dongalo, Morobeats


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