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Pinoy Hip-hop’s Greatest Voices


22. Jazze Manuel

Hip-hop may not be her main genre but she’s long connected to many hip-hop heads. Done some Alicia Keys covers, collabs with Konflick, Pikaso, BNK and more. Has several band gigs in her resume and a mixtape of her own worth downloading https://jazze.bandcamp.com/album/jazze-the-mix-tape. If you are looking for that jazzy-type, Alicia Key-ish, Faith Evans feel, then you gotta check out Jazze for yourself.

Jazze | PHS Greatest Voice
Founder of Pinoy Hiphop Superstar. Marvel/DC Universe fanatic. Infinity War came true right before his eyes. A "One Man Army" must have. Charismatic poet with the arsenal of arts undefined to many but unique to it's own purpose.

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