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PHS Top 10 Underground Artist you should know vol.1

Since 2 cents inception, marami kaming nakilalang underground artist and since you know Pinoy Hiphop Superstar na gumagawa ng TOP 10, I decided to create TOP UNDERGROUND ARTIST YOU SHOULD KNOW by volume syempre 😀 and this is our first batch pick.

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*This ranking is only base on our (Pinoyhiphopsuperstar.com) opinion only and not based on voting or any kind of system. Enjoy!

*PHS doesn’t own any of the tracks or clips included in this list. Please make sure to visit videos by typing the title and artist.

10. 00:00 – Carlo Campit Jancarl Campit
9. 00:27 – Asian Killa Genki Ishizuka
8. 00:57 – Lexxx Gabriel Amante Gegato
7. 01:26 – Pyscho Sid Nawaf Garcia Al Hassawi
6. 01:55 – JC Young The Mental Sick
5. 02:21 – Drea J @Drea Jesus
4. 02:49 – Novaliches Mob Harly Lazo Serran Lyrah Haryl Heights Russel Serran
3. 03:18 – Morobeats Camp DJ Medmessiah Eufrenzy Jeano Mira Chichioco Fateeha J – KID Kintab Talas A BURGS Letroc Mck
2. 03:44 – WUT Ino Mrtnz Jann Bourne Louize Altea Alrass Amarillo
1. 04:13 – Acid RogaAndrew Acid Rogado