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PHS Top 10 August 2018 Video


*This ranking is only base on our (Pinoyhiphopsuperstar.com) opinion, hoping that we can create ranking like this monthly or at least twice a month depending on current state of local hiphop. Enjoy

*PHS doesn’t own any of the tracks included in this list, pls make sure to visit specific links of their videos below

10: Laban – Chinese Mafia feat Jamir of Slapshock

9. Filipino Hustla – Dcoy feat. Zargon

8. Seven Two Seven – 727 Clique

7. Pa Umaga – Al James

6. Ganid – Loonie and Ron Henley (Stick Figgas)

5. Galing sa wala – Bugoy na Koykoy feat. Josh Papers & Peso Ratschild

4. Sandali – Because

3. Pauwi Nako – O.C Dawgs feat. Dope, Flow-G https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zHg-qJBP8s

2. Pisi – K-leb, Drich, Ron Henley

1. Lagi – Gloc-9 feat. Al James

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