PHS Presents “Ako Si”

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Sa lahat ng music genre sa RAP music ka lang pwedeng magpakilala

Sino ako?
Who am I?

Ang Pangalan ko are few self-centered tracks, Even foreign scene maraming self-related tracks from Eminem “My name is“, DMX “What’s my name?”, Xzibit – “X”, Snoop Dogg “Snoop doggy dog” and many to mention. It’s common. It is a way to introduce yourself. Most of the time ito rin ang debut track ng isang emcee but not all.

Dito sa pinas meron din tayo nyan infact madami. We just don’t pay attention to it so I gather and collected most of them and put them together in a one long play special

“PHS: Ako si…”

Hit the play button and enjoy this collection.