Pazakalye Pinoy Hip-hop Superstar

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Jerry Salvadora
aka Pazakalye is a rapper, songwriter representing Puropinomyuzik and Wrecked Thugs from Valenzuela City.

He sited that he was inspired by Nasty Mac of Black pro. 

After a 9 years rap hiatus, it was the timing and those Rap Challenges that reignite his passion for rap music. He joined most of the rap contests online such as Power of Unity 24 Bars, Mark Beats 24 Bars, 44 Bars Gloc 9 Goodson Challenge, Binibining Beats 24 Bars Challenge, MLove Writer Leagues, Ladymazta’s Sino Ka 24 Bars where he became included in the collaboration track along with other finalists as well.

He also became a champion to challenges like Cemboyz in the hood Me against the world 24 Bars Challenge, 24 Bars Challenge Bayan Ko by Epikdemiks to name a few.

A hungry for challenge emcee you should watch out for.


Rap style x Genre: Speed Rap, Aggressive, Lyrical 

Affiliations x Rap group x Label: Puropinomyuzik, Wrecked Thugs


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