Pamilia D. Pinoy Hip-hop Superstar

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Widely recognized as Manila’s premier hardcore rap group. Pamila D. is composed of several MCs (Young Galaxy, 8th Messenger, KD the Encyclopedik, Shadowblyde, Mad Frick,) and award-winning music producer/director DJ Arbie Won aka the Beatraveler. Being independent since 1997, the 6-man crew from Manila gained instant respect and recognition when they released their landmark EP Broke-N-Unsigned.

Broke-N-Unsigned was the spearhead release of the group, as each emcee delivered rough, unpolished aggressive lines, and to their credit, birthed them into the hip-hop scene of the P.I. Many artists requested for a Pamilia D. collaboration on their albums: El Latino (UNIVERSAL RECORDS), Legit Misfitz (EMI), Urban Flow (OCTO ARTS), Fung Zoi (UNIVERSAL), DFT and spots in the United Freestyles Vol. 2 and WARNER MUSIC’S REkOGNIZE compilation.

The year 2000 brought forth another EP release from Pamilia D. in the form of Dra*Manila. More conceptual based than Broke-N-Unsigned but more fluid and musically ripe for newer listeners, that release eventually declared Pamila D. as a legitimate hip-hop crew, while most groups don’t even see the day of light past their debut albums. Pamilia D. has set forth on releasing their first full-length album called “THE RESISTANCE”. Backed again by DJ Arbie and a rejuvenated sense of urgency, this third release seems to be what the hip-hop scene has been lacking for the past five years.

Rap style x Genre: Hardcore rap, Alternative, Lyrical 

Affiliations x Rap group x Label: Tenement Records


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