Maxy Presko Pinoy Hip-hop Superstar

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Maxy Presko is an up-and-coming artist, rapper, songwriter, beat producer, and host.

He also collaborated with so many artists both underground artists and mainstream, artists like Kiyo, Lexus, and Ghetto Gecko to name a few. He also created a “Flexhub” segment on his social media account, that aims to interview small business owners.

on Dec 5, 2020, he release his Reburn Mixtape album on his youtube account which has 10 tracks.

on Mar 19, 2021, he release Kreyzii Night Part 1 as of the moment this track has 9,493,087 views! 

on May 30, 2021, he featured an interview by Doughbrock TV. 

In January of 2022, he release his mixtape on his youtube account, named BURSZN EP that have 6 tracks.

on Mar 29, 2022, he was featured in Doughbrock TV SoundTrip EPISODE 038 and he sing his hit track Kreyzii Night part 1 as of this writing it has 215,437 views.

Most of his youtube is gaining a thousand views, some are even a hundred thousand views. As of the moment he also has 97.8K subscribers

like there’s no limit to his success, and we definitely can’t ignore him on our radar.


Rap style x Genre: Trap, Mumble Rap

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