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Lletrista is a rap group consisting of 4 members (Skillzone, D.I, Vlincy and Regicide, and later Bulilyazo). The group started when SkillZown who is known as G-Huslah at the time invited them for an all-star track in his recording studio (2015), because of familiarity with D.I. (JM Plan at the time) and Vlincy the ones who mostly record in his studio he invited them to form a group and later added Regicide. The group was considering naming the group “Quadro Alas” at first but since there’s a group called “Apat na alas” from 187 Mobstaz they decided to change it until they come up with the name “Lletrista” which came from the word “Catalan” a word from Spain which means Lirisista.

In 2017 they created another All-Star track but since the group was formed, the said All-Star track was uploaded to the newly created “Lletrista” youtube channel. During this time the group never really have a plan or created a single track, but they were invited but someone from that All-star track to perform in an event in which they performed their verse on the said track.

Because of the connection of SkillZown, they were invited to one Alumni Homecoming of a certain school in Taguig in May 2017 this is their first time to get paid as an artist which boosts the group’s confidence even more.

In March 2018 they tried to join a rap contest without even thinking of winning, just to be able to perform on stage but luckily they made it in 3rd place. Because of this, they tried joining any available contest they can see fit but with no luck.

In Mid 2019 the group has some misunderstandings during this time another artist “Bulilyazo” joined the group because his group if far from him (Rizal Hustlin‘) he became the glue of the group. Although everything is fixed D.I leave the group because he became busy with his personal life. In the same year, they decided to release singles until they became a mixtape a project that lasted till 2021.

In January 2020 they were able to perform in the big event thanks to Pasigueno Hip-hop which they became a member as well, sadly it is also the last event of the group due to pandemics, during this period they tried to create more music and videos.

As of the moment, the group is more active, trying to create a movement of their own called Arenda Hip-hop Movement (AHM) their goal is to give a change to other rappers in their area at the same time making their connection grows bigger.

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Affiliations x Rap group x Label: Arenda Hip-hop Movement (AHM)


Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/lletrista/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3_9K1H-jNFiuBc_mhwYzng


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