Kier Ferrer Pinoy Hip-hop Superstar

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Kier Ferrer is a rapper, band drummer, song writer started 2017 in his early career he started a in a band, his introduction to hip-hop was Fliptop, he get’s inspired artist such as Batas, Illustrado, Teknikal Brutal to name a few. He became a fan of aggressive music.

At first he wanted to used the moniker “Toshiro” which means talented one, but his friends kept and calling him by his name “Kier” 

It was his track “Pakyu Arigato” track that introduce Kier Ferrer to to our radar, it became Top 1 on our PHS 2Cents Weekly Top 10 (week 25) because of his aggressive and rough style you can check that here:

He sited that we want to have collaboration track with Teknika Brutal, Illustrado and Uprising.

Rap style x Genre: Agressive, Rap Metal, Hardcore

Affiliations x Rap group x Label: Hukbong Lyrical, Ambrosio Boys, Blacklist, Outcast, Bplan


Facebook page:


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