Kicker Mori Pinoy Hip-hop Superstar



Jason Domingo also known as Kicker Mori is rap artist, song writer, and a call center agent. He is a part of Lokalidad & Digmador records under from Audio Rebel Label.

He started rapping 2010 and have a group before also as makati’s crew powered RS- Production. 

On Jan 18, 2022 he release “Yo Kicks” on his Youtube channel that has 1,335 views this Boom Bap inspired track has a long lasting effect on any ears.

In Apr 8, 2021 he collaborated with N.I.T in the track “WAKARIMASEN” that has 4,915 views on youtube.

On Oct 5, 2021 he release “Bonifacia” a smooth sounding track.

On May 21, 2022 he performs “Yo Kicks” on Pandayo Van that you can check below:

on May 27, 2022 he was featured in Chris Bacula Comedy EP. 91 together with J CROOZ. 

Rap style x Genre: Boombap, Trap

Affiliations x Rap group x Label: Audio Rebel, Lokalidad, Digmador


Facebook page:


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