Katchafiah Pinoy Hip-hop Superstar

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Nekro Kevs also known as Katchafiah is a Singer, rapper, beat producer, songwriter and musician (he knows how to play Drums, Base, Guitar, Piano, Ukulele) from San Juan City now reppin Morobeats, and Calle Siete Diez.

He started in music in 2006 it’s actually a rap metal in a group name Clinchwere in he was the frontman, he cited he was inspired by the likes of Rage against the machine, greyhoundz, and others, they usually perform “Double Kara” by Francis M and Gloc-9, that introduce him to Pinoy Rap but the group disbanded in 2011 due to the members getting busy with their own personal lives.

He also cited that listen to rap metal groups like Linkin Park, Crazytown etc, and then he started listening to Francis M, 187 Mobstaz, Floetics, Republican, and San Juan own Phat Nasty Crew, that inspire him even more.

He started rappin solo in 2017 because of the free beats available in youtube that time, were in he is on the verge of exploring music, that exploration leads him to create a track called “Kalmado”, his style is more a reggae but cited that he’s more into variety, his interest peaks and started joining facebook groups were in he commented on a underground invitational that resulted him to be invited in EURO TV to perform 2020 this exposure although for experiences purposes only leads him to be invited again,but in a live band style.

In 2019 he joined Morobeats Bara-Bara challenge, were in Jmara became a champion. Although he never win he learn alot from those experience and earn accolades along the way, He was invited by DJ medmessiah when he saw his entry in 44 bars Gloc-9 challenge that he created, in Morobeats he gained more knowledge they also create a some yet unreleased tracks while he was playing ukulele, in Dec 16, 2020 he was asked to be officially part of Morobeats by DJ medmessiah.

He also joined some open mics competion like Callecon, and more open mics in San Juan although unable to win he learn alot from those experiences and became more hungry for more competition.

In June 2023 his persistence and determination paid of when he became a champion in San Juan City Rap Battle, he cited he read the mechanics carefully and which he follow the rules and remixed a certain beat by Xenobeats, he created a new track titled “Makabagong San Juan“, he battle with 21 other contestant represent each barangay and he represent barangay “Ermentanyo“.

This achievement inspires him even more and plans to focus on music joining the Morobeats camp and learn more along the way. And eventually pass the knowledge to the younger generation that planning to enter rap music as well. Katchafiah is just getting started.



Rap style x Genre: Boombap, Variety, Raggae

Affiliations x Rap group x Label: Morobeats, Calle siete diez


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/necrokevz
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/katchafiah
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@KatchafiahPH


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