Kailangan ba ng Pinoy Hip-hop ang isang Makagago?

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Yesterday, after Sunugan was posted isang araw lang the match Between Pricetagg vs Makagago gained a million views.

Two of the most hated share the stage on Sunugan Badblood 2019

If you haven’t watched it yet here it is:

After I checked the comment section I came to the realization that

Kaya nga ba ng rap battle or hiphop magkaroon ng ganitong attention without Makagago?

I was there that night and I saw the battle with my very own eyes and not only that I was able to capture my own footage. I have some hiatus from hip-hop for some years as I learn some skills that can be useful to what I do, and when I came back, there was a new emergence of young talents, underground artist that gained million views of their own artist like Because, Al James, Lo Ki, Owfuck, 727 Clique, Bugoy na Koykoy, Droppout, CLR, Pricetagg, Shanti Dope & Ex Batallion (post mainstream), and more. Local Hip-hop has a new life.

Sama sama sila sa mga gigs, tulungan at unti unting lumalakas ang local hip-hop scene

While on the other hand, millennial learned so many things. They became social media savvy. Nag usbungan ang mga social media influencers, vloggers, created social media characters, alter ego and there was Makagago.

Makagago with the crowd at Sunugan Badblood 2019

A hater, an internet troll, the self-proclaimed diss king who has been creating some content for a while now as hip-hop emerges on the other side. I’m not so sure when did Makagago and Hip-hop cross paths, but Makagago disses a lot in the hip-hop community and when we say a lot we mean A LOT from Fliptop battle emcees to Ex Batallion, Negatibo, Mike Swift, Gloc 9, Princess Thea, even Legends like Andrew E and someone we recognize as the Master Rapper, The King Francis M are not safe with his lashes.

Love hearing all the hate? Still dissing everyone on his way

Like there’s no limit to his hate. But Rap artist or people in the hip-hop community can’t tolerate this act.

Rap artist are not new to beefs and retaliation, local hip-hop or the culture itself has a long history of lyrical beefs in the past. Rivalry makes hip-hop better, the artist became more popular and creative in this kind of situation.

Sunugan 2019 was a success dahil sa ganda ng line up ng mga battle. Mike Swift did a great job pulling this off.

Mike Swift and Makagago

Dito nagsama sama lahat from underground to the mainstream artist from local hip-hop fans, to the people who just want Makagago to be buried. Heck, even some of my friends who are not into hip-hop shared Sunugan either they hate Makagago o mahilig lang sila sa kung ano ang uso.

A very focused Pricetagg loading his arsenal with vicious bars

Habang isa akong purista na bilib na bilib kay Pricetagg kung papano nya ipag tangol ang hip-hop.

I can’t deny Makagago created a character that surely can get attention, negative or positive reactions man ay reactions parin.

It’s a strategy although unsafe, an effective one. PHS is also a content provider. We search, we study, we write and most of the time we don’t get attention na sobrang dali lang kay Makagago.

Everyone is interested with him mapa hater or ka hombre nya.


OG Sacred at Sunugan Badblood 2019

OG Sacred, on the other hand, created a controversy. Halos buong araw after Sunugan kumalat un sa social media. Daming nakisawsaw sa issue nag away away pati fans but to make it all short the point is simple, you can’t be fake in hip-hop. Lahat ng salita mo kailangan mong panindigan. Every action and word have consequences.

Dun nagkamali si Makagago by thinking we can use Hip-hop for fun or publicity.

Makagago as a character created some buzz indeed. All the stars aligned that night. Parte na to ng local Hip-Hop history whether we like it or not. We got the needed attention we hoped for, pero kung purista ka sa larangan ng Hip-Hop, we needed more than just a character from Makagago, but it was entertaining indeed.

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