Juan Thugs

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“Lumilipad nanaman ang isip ko! Lumilipad nanaman ang isip ko! oh oh oh!”
“Ang simoy ng hangin sa akin ay lumalamig na a”
Classic ishh!
Anyways the first time I seen Juan thugs I smiled, Im thinking of a BONE THUGS
Rip-off, I listen to them the whole day and I was like listening to Krazy bone and Bizzy bone doing Tagalog verse! They turn me into a fan in one day. Listening to their songs makes me say “tang *na ang galing nito ah
This duo is the one responsible for the hit track “MOMAY” don’t tell you haven’t heard
that one yet! It’s difficult not to like it, It would be best if the song were played during inuman session.
I personally enjoy listening to this duo, they have nice tracks and yeah their songs have sense! Listen to “Salamat patawad”, “Pano kaya“, “Nanay” &  and who could forget that “Bakit ngayon ka lang