JG Beats Pinoy Hip-hop Superstar

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James Patrick Garcia or simply known as JG Beats is a Producer, Beatmaker from Manila.

He produce and help artist such as but not limited to Southpro Souljah, Lil Vinceyy, Dos Lirikal, Jef Valderama, Lhemor One, Boss Toyo and more.

In April 2020 he due to pandemic and producers releasing their beat challenges he also produce a challenge of his own called “24 Bars JG Beats challenge” on his youtube channel that gained 5,184 views on youtube.


In June 2020 he produce a beat for Jef Valderama in a track titled “Nakita na” and that track gained 13, 795 views on youtube.

In April 2021 he produce a beat for Lhemor One with a track called “Be my lady” and it gained 6,032 views in youtube.

In July 2021 he put his entry on 44 Gloc-9 challenge “Lagay mo Beat mo” that you can listen below:

In the same year he produce for Dos Lirikal &  Jef Valderama with the track titled “Gising” that have 4, 834 views on youtube.

In December 2022 he produced, mixed and mastered a track titled “To Live and Die” for various artist KALYE NUEVE, NepoDednim, SJP Music, RockaFellaz, 4A’s Famya, BroAlasfamya, No Dream pro, Lp ritmo,SouthproSouljah with hooked performed by Lhemor One they were simply dubbed as Las Piñas Allstar this collective effort gained 39,720 views.

In April 2023 he produced, mixed and mastered a beat for Gasty & Lhemor One with a track titled “Kinang” that have 1,110 view in his youtube channel.

Due to the success of “To Live and Die” a second edition was created called “To Live and Die 2″ with various artist that includes Zerolf, Botoy’z, Yamato, Yobz, Blitz Chestah, Kane Lukas, Batang, Symon Charles, Flow K, Jayjay , Luck$ D’One, Stephen Wizzy, Psyche Kidd, Ekko Telo, Aeky, Naj, XhoutieMandy Mandy Mack, Hustla, Carlo Stevenson, Tutri, Merwin, Denmark, Hombre from different rap camps from Las Piñas and this track gained 207,563 views on youtube.

As of late JG Beats is still active, producing tracks from various artist and discovering different artist that deserved his knowledge, a true blessing in our community.

Rap style x Genre: 

Affiliations x Rap group x Label: Southpro Souljah, Lil Vinceyy, Dos Lirikal, Lhemor One, Jef Valderama


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jamespatrck
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/JGBEATSSS
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCstHBB6Cn0MGaGJcJXPOnCA


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