Jay masta Pinoy Hip-hop Superstar

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Jay De Luna Cambay or simply known as Jay Masta is one of the most sought after Bboy pioneers in the Philippines, considered as one of Bboy’s OG and the founder of Battle Krew.

Started dancing in 1982 as Info Clash rockers in 1983-1987 under Wea records. He later became a hip-hop street dancer in Astro Crew (under Universal Records), when Mastaplann (Tru Asiatik Tribe) enter the rap scenes in 1993 he became one of it’s member hence the name “Masta” they revive breaking dancing era during that time (1992).

He also became a back up dancer of Kulay Band with Rada, Jennie and Boom, also a Bboy of Ghetto Doggs (1998).

He is also appeared in “Whole lotta lovin” track of the great late Francis M.


Achievements includes

  • In 2005 he receive his MTV Philippines Hip-hop Hall of fame Pioneer Award.
  • He also receives Achievement Hip-hop Award in 1982-2008 in International Break Dance Competition in 2008.
  • In 2016 he was also awarded as Advocate of Dance by Dela Salle manila.
  • He also became Judge in U.A.A.P  Street dance competition in 2016
  • and as of late most Philippine dancing competition have him as their judges.


Some of his awards includes

  • RX93 FM & Gift gate Makati, Glorieta circle battle “Over all champion (Break Dance in 1985)
  • Alabang Philippines Extreme bboy battle champion 2vs2 in 2000
  • Footwork Battle freestyle session (World break dance completion in 2004 he was rank top 10.
  • Hip-hop international U.S.A he was ranked 15 place (2004)

As of late he is still active, doing couching and teaching in many university in the Philippines, he is also the head couch of Philippine breaking scenes since we are now (Bboy) included in Olympics.


Rap style x Genre: Bboy, Freestyle, Ballet, Jazz, Capoeira

Affiliations x Rap group x Label: Info Class Rockers, Battle Krew, Mastaplann, Astro Crew


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jay.cambay
Facebook page:


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