Illest Morena Pinoy Hip-hop Superstar

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Angelica Pola Layague aka Illest Morena is a female emcee, singer, song-writer. She is also a photographic editor and a graphic artist from Mandaluyong Philippines.

She is musically gifted, can rap on both Tagalog, English and even Spanish track, she can switch language so smooth you can check her “I Am” or I.M which also a word play to Illest Morena Track to know good she is, she also have rap compilations on her tiktok account that garnered alot of likes as of the writing she has 79.6 K followers on her tiktok account

She stated that she started rapping just a year ago, but when you listen to her she doesn’t sound novice at all, her tracks are well produce and can even compete with mainstream standards, plus she really have a good voice to back up the package.

a interesting addition to Hiphop indeed.

Rap style x Genre: Mainstream, Smooth Vibe, RnB, Soul

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