Hari ng Tugma, Loonie and the alleged Marijuana possession

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Ano ba ang dapat na gawin? Dapat bang kamuhian o dapat ba na tularan ang ‘sang tulad ko na tao lang

First of all, we don’t have the right to judge right away. This issue has been running around way back and it’s a bit suspicious if you look at it. Loonie has been one of the Philippines’ famous rap icon. A family man and a figure that stands against his foes with his hard-hitting and bone-crushing lyrical assaults in his viral hip-hop tracks. You can’t please everybody and one of them is the government that has been pounding this issue and tries to slap the accusation to someone and it happens to be now Loonie. He has been through a lot and from a fan’s perspective and the Pinoy hip-hop community, we all know this is far from his doing. He’s been battling many cases of known everyday life issues through his music, spreading awareness and definitely setting an example to the youth and the nation but this recent news is totally the opposite.

Recently, also they have managed to take a hit against another rising Pinoy rap sensation, Shanti Dope, and his viral track, Amatz. Calling a ban to the song as it “promotes the use of marijuana” they say. Na triggered lang dahil sa tema ng kanta kaso mang-mang halos at hindi nila naiintindihan ang kultura ng hiphop.

Again, we don’t know the story behind it. Some are saying it’s a set-up, a lot are bashing through comments in the social media. They have the nerve since it’s way too easy to just jot down words, makeup accusations, tell negative thoughts about the individual and shit, common millennial mentality and bullshitery. Matatapang ‘yang mga yan since nasa likod lang sila ng smartphones nila, malayo and can access internet. I bet pag personal nilang buhay kinamkam, luluhod kayo ng sakto. As the saying says,

don’t speak unless you know the whole truth


Marijuana is yet to be legalized here in the Philippines. Although there are already studies, proof that it has medicinal effects, we can’t still encourage its use anywhere. We still have to abide by government rules. Pinoy hip-hop or hip-hop, in general, has been always been tied up with the famous herbal, its recreational use or purpose to the individual. His or her experiences expressed through music. In my opinion, it sprouted from Earth and the creator made many living things and shit has its own purpose and this plant may have been intended for recreational or pleasure. It’s even said to help cancer patients, too. Many are appealing for its legalization. Other countries like Canada already did because of the benefit they saw in it. I say the real culprit they must seize is the shabu kind of drug which obviously destroys many lives.

As a Pinoy hip-hop enthusiast for many years, we pray for the truth behind this issue and deep down, Loonie has been remarkable in his craft and it’s just very unlikely something like this will be pinned down against him. We’ve known him on how he represents and be a figure that addresses the life battles that many faces emanated in each rhyme and flows in his songs.

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