Halo Halo presents the Golden Age of Pinoy Hiphop Volume 4

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Halo halo vol 4 features various classic tracks from 7 Shots of wisdom, Sun Valley Crew, Krook & JOLO and Krazykyle, D-coy, I’ll-J, Nathan J, 2tay. Mga smooth sailin flava that we local hiphop fans love way back. Classic tracks that up to this day napapakingan parin natin like “Tonights your mine” and “”Summertime” to every local hiphop radio stations.

00:00 – ill-J D-Coy 2Tay – Taken In

03:50 – Tonights your Mine – 7 Shots of Wisdom

08:13 – Juss Chillin – SVC

12:06 – Sometimes my life goes wrong – Krook and JOLO

15:55 – All I Want -7 Shots of Wisdom feat. Pikaso

19:48 – Everything’s Gonna Be Alright – SVC

23:08 – I Want You Back – Krazykyle feat Luke Mejares

26:38 – Summertime Bliss – SVC

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