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GFAB Young Everything EP Review


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We first discovered GFAB (Glennard Faustine A. Bonachita / G-boy) with the track “Alam Mo Na Yan”, if you want to check it out, click here and we immediately fell in love with his music. What’s unique with GFAB is he writes, perform, produce, mix and master and even does his own graphics of every Youtube music video and tracks he has. That’s a literal one-man army, man. He’s just so talented in many ways and he deserves those million hits. Young Everything EP will definitely convince you he’s one undeniable Pinoy hip-hop artist.

Starting with the 1st track, Last Stop. 


Tandaan mo’ng sa lahat ay iba ka
Kaht na ngayon lahat ay iba na
Di ko to gusto, Ba’t laging ganito
Lahat ba ng tahakin merong dulo

Unting-unting naglalayo
Yung dating dalawang nagkatagpo
Di namalayan ang maling takbo
Inabot nating dalawa yung dulo

Everyone has this sad love song about relationships and shit and Last Stop is one of them but I love the choice of words in this track. First listened to it and ang sarap agad sa tengga. Dulo is the Last Stop. Yung end sa Endgame ika nga. Listen to Last Stop on how GFAB portrays this inevitable transition in every failed relationship.

Ako ang taya sa tuwing hindi ka masaya
Pinupuna ko ang patlang sayong mga mata
Subalit sa dami ng mga naiwang marka
Naubos na sa pagkat yung munting pambura

Pinupuna ko ang patlang sayong mga mata, the gap, space in between represented, tikas ng wordings.

2nd track, South N’ Intentions.


Catchy vibe track. Telling how GFAB been grinding all these years and just doing his thing, keeping it lowkey and all. Gusto ko sana i-compare sa Manila Grey pero GFAB has its unique flow parin like maybe how he blends them Tagalog verses with English. It just sounds right.

Just doin’ my thing and I, I don’t care
Been playin’ the game since I, I came here

You know what I’m sayin’
I don’t do it for the fame
I keep reppin’ for the gang
Now you prolly know my name

Dat, 3rd track. Pede na to para saking pang bedscene song or track ala Just Hush. That sleek, slow-mobbin’ and frontin’ when you see some fine-ass ala morena boricua thicc chic tapos papuntang Pretty Ricky’s On The Hotline, daym.

Can you tell me why you like dat?
You so fine, you know I like dat
“Simple” yet so special like dat
Malamang they like dat
Make me wanna bite dat yeah

Since papunta na tayong booty call, eh ang alam kong kulang jan sa dat na yan is y. Fuck, personally, ang hilig ko pa naman dun. How about you, guys? 😋

“You don’t deserve a blow job if you don’t eat pussy”

Halt, last track in Young Everything EP. This can be my own rider’s music minus the gangsta shit and my favorite track, as well. All good vibes, YOLO referencing and just cruisin’ straight like a green light, livin’ your life.

I’m cruisin’ the night
Always green light
Loosen up ’cause YOLO
High as a kite
Yeah uh no no
But it’s alright
Clock’s tickin’ if you don’t know
Livin’ my life
I’m cruisin’ all night

Sarap gawan ng music video ‘neto. You know that classic ala Bonnie and Clyde shit coupled with parties, gangbangin’ 1-0-1’s, pedal to the metal-ish all in one scene. Solid track and catchy, LSS-concocted piece. Again, sarap sa tengga. The beat, GFAB’s voice, it all just blends so damn right. Reminds me of Limp Bizkit’s track Red Light Green Light featuring Snoop Dogg. Freak baby, freak freak baby!


Don’t need no money to function
I’m with the crew
(yeah we gotchu all day what’s up)
All o’ the homies are buzzin’
Hittin’ the mood
(Poppin’ bottles all day what’s up)
No destination we trippin’
All up to you
(Anywhere is ok what’s up)
Don’t need dem lame on our section
That’s how we do

Poppin, bottles all day ala Celebration ni The Game and Chris Brown. That’s how we do papuntang How We Do, The Game with 50.

To think, all of these are done by one single person from writing to the Youtube video itself, nakaka-amaze how GFAB put his craft and dedication in this kind of motion. You, sir really deserves the attention.


GFAB Young Everything EP Review #LastStop #sounthnintentions #Dat #Halt #YEEP #GBM2k19
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GFAB Young Everything EP Review #LastStop #sounthnintentions #Dat #Halt #YEEP #GBM2k19GFAB Young Everything EP Review
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