Gat Dang Crooks | Pinoy Hiphop Superstar
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Pinoy hip-hop collective that consists of Classiclove, Hash One a.ka. Tony Bagyo, H Beat, Quad T, and NJ Ova. If you haven’t heard of their street rap style, I recommend listening to BGSA or Testing Lang from the Modus Operandi album. One of the underrated Pinoy hip-hop rap group but undoubtingly, one of few that can really define GANGSTA RAP!!!

Gat Dang Crooks members: Classiclove, Hash One, H Beat, Quad T, and NJ Ova

Rap style: Gangsta rap


Gat Dang Crooks

One Grand Crew

Affiliations/Rap group\Label: Gat Dang Crooks, One Grand Crew, ONE GRAND STUDIOS, 1000s


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