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Just Hush · Flight School Era Album Review

Flight School Era Review Pinoy Hiphop Superstar
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Flight School Era by Just Hush. Sounds like sa mixtape ni Koy, Airplane Mode pero walang hustlin’ tema dito. If you’re already a fan of him from Maikee’s Letter palang and all, now palang we can confidently say Flight School Era is a must-listen

2nd track palang astig na, Co-Pilot featuring J.O.L.O and Bawal Clan’s Rjay T

Hayaan mo na ilipad ka nang, Aking musika, Palayo sa mundo mong walang alam, Kundi pahirapan ka,

Listen at that refrain right there tas susundan ng infectious na hook

Do you wanna fly?, You could be my Co-Pilot, Let me put you in this flight, Make love in the sky or in another planet,

I wouldn’t mind flying this one with J.O.L.O and Rjay T. Masarap na sa tengga si Just Hush samahan mo pa ng J.O.L.O and Rjay T’s lit verses. I’m guessing them addictive puffs will be the right partner while listening to this one. Well, actually the whole album at di lang pang-puff and you’ll find out more why along with this review.

3rd track daym! Featuring Pino G, Limbo. If you haven’t heard of Pino G you should check out his tracks with known artist such as Pricetagg, Mike Kosa and much more lalo na ung Patawad Na track and on top of that Pino G is the main man behind the Maruming Kwarto clique.

May isang panaginip, Na sadyang nananatili, Magkasamang nakatanaw sa patutunguhan, Ayaw nang lumingon, Nakatitig na lang sa’yo, Baka kasi magising sa totoong mundo,

Chorus: OK lang sa akin na hindi na magising, Basta’t kapiling ka, OK lang sa akin na hindi na magising, Makasama lang kita,

Hook: Don’t wake me up, (Don’t wake me up, Don’t wake me up) 4x

One of my fave track especially it’s LSS-worthy hook. “Stuck in a Limbo, baby…”, Limbo is basically that game where each participant tries to walk under a bar that is suspended between two poles. Tapos pababa ng pababa ung pole hanggat ‘di kana maka lakad or pass through. Can’t go forward, can’t go backward, stuck parang natrap ka din in both worlds metaphorically. ‘Di mo malaman if nasa totoong mundo kapa or nasa heaven kana after listening to this song or the whole album!

One of the notable tracks here is Iraya and Masiram. Highlighting Bicolanos and Bicolanas or Bicol in general.

Iraya is an active volcano name located on Batan Island and the term can also refer to an ethnic group of the Mangyan people, Iraya people / Iraya Mangyans. From the flow of the song and the lyrics itself, I’m guessing it’s stressing the simplicity of life back then or how good it was before in general. Mayon was also featured in the song as it is one of the famous landmarks of Bicol. Then Masiram, which basically means delicious, “masarap”. Depending on the current image being translated, it can also mean “good” when describing someone or something.

The music video for Masiram was hot AF! (for me, at least) Manang is “Ale” by the way…

Kahit di gaano kaganda
Basta masiram (x2)
Ang luto mo manang
Yan ang kailangan ko
Kahit di gaano kaganda
Basta masiram (x2)
Ang luto mo manang
Sa ‘kin ihain mo

Sabi nga ni Paul Royale, Kesa mag Facebook…mahalaga masarap ang luto!

Mahalaga masarap ang luto (malinamnam)
Willing matuto kesa mag Facebook na makamundo
Huling minuto sa iyo nakatutok sa loob ng kwarto

Sakto pag ka drop ‘nung music vid, Dec. 24th (notification squad! aye!), early holiday gift ni Just Hush sa fans! It’s the sexiest track for me, swabe with Paul Royale


10th track and one of my fave as well…

Ladies do i get you horny, (Horny)
Do i get you wet, (Do i get you wet?)
Do i make you think about things that, (Bout things)
Make you feel sexy, (Make you feel sexy)
Makin’ sex songs, (Since ’06) Sex songs,
(Since ’06) Makin’ sex songs,
(Since ’06) Sex songs

You’ll here Just Hush saying the journey of his music in this track, since ’06. Very notable Tondo-based artist indeed that came from the likes of 187 Mobstaz, mentioning his influences like Third Flo’. You must admit, it’s fucking sex songs alright pero di bastos or something. You already know that vibe if you’re into RNB but Just Hush makes it so damn good!

you don’t like it get the fuck out my space,
Cuff yo chic’ coz she might wanna get down with a pino like me,

Ilayo mo chic mo kay Just Hush, mayn!

6th track for that sexy-get-high song. Lovin’ em beats. Baker Girl

Habang tumatagal,
Ay lalon sumasarap,
Ang tinginan nating,
Hindi na bibitaw,
Sa gabing gumiginaw,
Nagawa mong painitin,
Gamit ang iyong haplos at ngiting nagniningning,

Red Planet, 8th track on the album that has this uplifting vibe into it. Something local music, in general, must listen. Even a non-hip-hop fan can appreciate.

Chorus: Halika na’t sumama ka papalayo,
Papalipad papunta sa ibang mundo,
Kung saan walang problema at gulo,
Tayo lamang dalawa,

I bet the ladies wouldn’t mind taking off with Just Hush to Planet Mars with this track right here. Kayo lang dalawa sa ibang mundo and I’ll bet on this twice, not only them Tondo Boy songs be surely poppin’ (you damn know what I mean ladies)

9th track Wahim, Walang Himala. This tracks just proves the versatility of Just Hush as he delivered it in his unusual pace while maintaining his RNB style not to mention also the track got a gamer vibe beat into it, not sure why but that beat right there is insane!

Puro salita,
Kulang sa gawa,
Hindi mahalata,
Na totoong,
Walang Himala,
Hinahayaan na pasukin ang isipan,
Nang mga bagay na walang katuturan,
Walang mangyayari kung palaging baka sakali na lang,


11th track featuring G-Fab, the artist behind the track “Alam Mo Na Yan”, (angas!, checkout his channel). Lihis saglit sa bedscene tracks, mayn. Consider this a break-up song.

Girl i need to go,
Girl i need to go,
Kung ayaw mo na sa’kin at ayoko na sa’yo,
Di na kailangang manatili pa ako,

You have to check out the rest of the album for yourself. Nakakaproud bigla maging ‘Pinoy knowing this caliber of talent freaking exists!

If you happen to know Jahiem, Case or Donell Jones and their tracks Just In Case, Missing You and You know that I Love You, ‘nanditong kaledad ang Flight School Era, na pede mo samahan ng R-Kelly, Usher and Trey Songz vibes but definitely in a whole new level lalot it’s a freaking Tagalog song in the first place. Your kind of album if you want to puff that joint may be, get high and shit but mostly that contagious sexy, alluring songs that will make you want to make love 24/7. Under-rated to many and deserves that mainstream spot but who cares. Mediums are everywhere. Solohin mo nalang to sa Spotify, sabi nga ng ibang commentors sa Youtube, sarap daw ipagdamot sa iba mga ganitong tipo, at ganitong mga tipo din sana ung sumisikat, he already is but Just Hush deserves more. I’m not sure about that comparison with James Reid though, eh?

Tondo boy in the building!

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flight-school-era-by-just-hushJust Hush's Flight School Era. A must-have album for all Just Hush fans out there. If you're already lovin' em sexy tracks coming from this Tondo-based artist, Flight School Era will surely not fail you!
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