Ez Mil Live Virtual Concert

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Since we’ve been dealing with pandemic for almost 1 and half year, talents from all over the world rises and new ways are invented. A rising star is now getting the attention and recognition he deserved.

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How Pinoy Hip-hop survived Covid-19 and the rest of 2020

Ez mil became viral when Wish USA release his “Panalo (Trap Cariñosa)” performance


FFP records now present Ez Mil Live Virtual Concert together with a Pinoy rap pioneer H-Bom Segovia that popularized songs like “Miss Tindera”, “Misteryoza” and more.

Check out our Online Random Interview with H-Bom as we discuss this concert:

Now backed up with a new breed of rising artist such as Balasubas, Bastee, Drexx Lira, Ladymazta, Blade, Dimpztuh, Sauceboss, Tynolife with 1500 or Nothin,

And introducing Ez Mil sister (Raining Sorrow), Jayna H, Matt G., Ethan E., Jerome R


Don’t miss it on April 17 @9pm US time April 18 @12nn PH time. Get your tickets @ KTX.PH dont miss out ! Click the link to grab ur tix! #ezmilvirtualliveconcert


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