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Ex Battalion, normally shortened to Ex B, is a Filipino hip hop collective formed in ManilaPhilippines known for the hit singles “Hayaan Mo Sila” (#2 Billboard Philippine Top 20)[1] and “No Games” (#10). The collective was originally formed as a musical group by Bosx1ne, who mostly writes the hooks of each of their songs and Flow-G. Later members included JRoa, Jon Guttierez (who used ‘King Badger’ as his stage name), Emcee Rhenn, Brando, KentMNL, Bullet-D and Mckoy. The collective gained prominence nationwide after releasing several hit songs. Nowadays, they are dubbed as the most successful mainstream hip-hop collective in the country with a total of over 250 million music video hits on YouTube

-source: Wikipedia

Rap styles: Alternative Rap, Pop, Trap, Mainstream


Current members

  • Bosx1ne – rapper, songwriter, music video director and editor (2012–present, as a battle emcee & founder)
  • Flow-G – rapper (2016–present)
  • Skusta Clee- rapper, singer, songwriter (2016–present)
  • Brando – rapper (2014–present)
  • Emcee Rhenn- rapper (2014–present)
  • King Badger – rapper (2016–present)

Other members

  • Flip-D – producer (2018–present)
  • Jomar Lovena – music video star and director (2017–present)
  • Reid Villavicencio – hypeman and music video star (2017–present)
  • KentMNL – label member/sub-artist, rapper (2017–present)
  • Mckoy – label member/sub-artist, rapper (2014–present)
  • Hudass – label member/artist, rapper (2015–present)
  • Jekkpot – founder, rapper (2012–present)
  • Cent – founder, rapper (2012–present)
  • Jnske – label member/artist, rapper (2017–present, also with O.C. Dawgs)
  • Bullet-D – label member/sub-artist, rapper (2017–present, also with O.C. Dawgs)

Former members





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