Ets Pinoy Hiphop Superstar

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A young artist from Pasay City became inspired in Rap/Hip-hop music at a very young age, as he grows up in a place how to love rap music and those computer shop days were in an artist like Curse One, Republican Syndicate, 187 Mobstaz are the most played and can really one into a fan.

He also became inspired by Fliptop, so friends and neighbors do rap battles for fun in his area. He also learns and idolized an underground artist named Jenar Descutido he reaches out to him, Jenar became a peer and he almost even created his first mixtape that didn’t push through.

Without even recording a single track he became a part of a small movement called MOE (Music Over Everything) it is also named after them MCK, OG2tone, Ets. His friends and contemporaries push him to do a record in 2017 he composes his track “Midnight Talks’ and recorded it 2 years after.

Because they live in the same area he became associated with Eagleman of Project Pinas and he sited that Engleman gives him some guidance.

During the pandemic, he tried his luck in some Kumu Rap battles specifically Apoka Rap Battle, the experience makes him more confident, and judges’ words inspired him to push through.

Now in his young career as an artist, he has a mixtape (Imahinasyon) with 17 tracks, and 2 upcoming mixtapes, MOE with 10 tracks, and Alter Ego Mixtape (TBA) under his belt. An artist you should never keep off on your radar.

Rap style x Genre: Conscious Rap, Street Rap

Influences: Ron Henley, Loonie, Project Pinas, Apokalipsis, Francis M, Andrew E, Konflick, Gloc 9, Jenar Descutido & Yen Venus

Affiliations x Rap group x Label: (MOE) Music Over Everything


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