EHP Pinoy Hip-hop Superstar

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EHP is also known as  Ethno Hop Posse originally composed of 5 members, not 3 active members Mckaphili, Oman B, and  Burubudok from Valenzuela City and under Dongalo Wreckords. 

In 2001 they released Album titled “Supresa mga nigga” that has 10 tracks under Viva Records. Although the group is not visually active online, (only joined youtube May 28, 2022) the group is still active, doing live guesting, and always featured when Dongalo Artists have major events including but not limited to Philippine Rap Olympics and other events such as well

The album “Supresa mga nigga” includes a track that is always synonymous to E.H.P up to this date, the track called “DUKHA” which is familiar to most hip-hop fans, especially during the 2000s. 

The group is also open to releasing songs individually and open to collaborating with other artists.

On Nov 12, 2010, Oman B was included in a collaboration track titled “Pupunta ako sa Japan” which was released on Andrew E’s youtube channel.

On Apr 27, 2017, Oman B released “Tatlong Daliri” on Salbakuta’s youtube channel which gains 104,382 views. 

On Aug 16, 2018, Burubudok also release a solo track that has gained 38,996 views on youtube.

On Oct 14, 2021 Oman B released “Baba ho kayo” on Salbakuta’s youtube channel again a playful double entendre track that has 24,108 views.

as of late the group is still active and releasing their old tracks again to a new audience and we won’t complain.


Rap style x Genre: Boombap, Old school

Affiliations x Rap group x Label: 2yBeatsRecords, Dongalo Wreckords


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