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A “good vibes” mixtape, if I can think fewer words to describe Droppout & Rhyne’s Unicorn Gang EP. Few may it seems but this 5 track EP is a must-listen-to many and especially for existing Droppout & Rhyne fans out there.

1st track, Wag Ka Maingay. Slow, sexy and chill, ala bed scene track, one of my favorite track.

Wag ka maingay doon sa iba
Gusto lowkey lang tayong dalawa
Wag ka maingay (x2)

Bagong gupit at bagong ahit
Handa ka ba ulet sa sikretong malupet

Parang Mau lang ni Shanti Dope, sikretong malupet tapos…


Ika’y ibang iba
Ano bang meron ka
Sumasarap ang bawat sandali
Kapag kasama kita
Ako’y papunta na (x3)
Papunta na

Papunta, papunta parang OTW ni Because…

Magkita sa tagpuan ng palihim
Dalhin ang paboritong C2 at Gin
Iwas toxic, iwas talk shit
Laylow tayo sa mga inggit

Magkita sa tagpuan ng palihim
Dalhin ang paboritong C2 at Gin
Iwas toxic, iwas talk shit
Lipad tayo sa may himpapawid

Parang bunganga na sinasabi ni Price, puno ng tae puro talkshit sa Whatchu Say. The same talk shit that Droppout & Rhyne want to get away from and ililipad ka sa himpapawid just like Just Hush’s Co-Pilot. Ang sarap and lamig sa tengga that will now lead us to the next track…

Sarap Mo Pala (I know right?), 2nd track. Unang basa ko kala ko naughty-ish ung track, yun pala ang sarap mo kasama, if you move forward to the track more.

Ang sarap mo palang kasama
Ang sarap mo pala (x2)
Di ka nakakasawa

And so I did listen more and heard this sexy-ish…

Papasukin ako sa loob
Pagsaluhan init na nagdadabog
Mga sarili ay handog
Katawan natin ay sumasayaw na walang tunog
Sa harap o sa likod
Sa kasiyahan lang tayo magpapaanod

If you ask me, I’d prefer behind and then some more…

Halika na gawin na natin ulet (x2)
Sayo’y nasasabik (x2)

The next two verses (I believe it’s from Tuzoy and Ochomil, please correct us if we’re wrong) made it hotter! I remember this track of Rasheeda titled Legs To The Moon featuring Kandi (check it out if you have no idea) that from the track itself, and if you’re that kinky enough, you already know what happened to that thicc leg and why it pointed out to the moon.


The same goes with this track, na kanina lang sa himpapawid ka lang dadalhin nung ibang tracks. Maybe after this track, you’ll definitely reach freakin’ moon! and to further get the scene steamier, you’ll hear at the near end, the lines “ang sarap mo pala kasama” freaking evolved like a Pokemon and turned into “ang sarap mo pala sa kama“, mapapa yeaaahhh ka talaga sa end.


Binabawi ko na ung unang nasabi ko, it’s one hella naughty track. Fuckin’ clever and I love it, the same “I love it” sa Barcode (Intro) ni Price.

3rd track, Roll Yo. 3-5 mother fucking 7 (reppin’ the 357 Pro)… Sige bomba! and you thought it was getting hardcore with the staring beat and the next but it is hardcore enough to let you…

Sige roll yo (x2)
Iba iba man ang paraan
Walang kaso

With the 3rd track, the EP still wanted you to stay in the clouds and…

Sige ipasa mo (x2)
Ngayong gabi, kasiyahan lang ang matatamo

Di kaba makatulog
Di kaba makakain
At ang dami dami mo nanaman iniisip jan

4th track sambit sa Unicorn Gang EP’s Deep Press (a.k.a Depressed, para sa shungengot na hindi nakagets sa una, at isa nako dun) Di muna ko talaga natulog and wanted to review this awesome EP while it’s fresh. Well-thought track and this song will listen to your problems and promised to hear you out and will never leave you alone (sana lahat) tapos sabay sasabihan ka ng…

Kasi (x3)
Isa ka sa mga tunay
Sige (x3)
Itaas lang ang tagay
Wag ka nang malumbay

Laban lang (x8)

The damn good track uplifts you and then in one of the next verses, I found this one…

Sige tagay ko tapos tagay mo
Sensya na kung para ako nga yung tatay mo
Sermon dito, sermon diyaan
Ayoko lang kasi ika’y nagkaganyan…


And then the rest of the next lines is just like them common scenarios when peeps get together, get drunk on a planned basis just to show empathy to one homie who’s having a hard time in life. This is silver to me, deeply and the last track will be the gold among them.

5th track, last but not least, Gin C2 got the summer vibe and definitely the catchiest track in the EP. I’m one of them who murdered the replay button because of this sick song right here.

Ang ganda (x3) mo parin
Sorry na medyo ako’y papansin
Ayoko sayo magsinungaling
Gusto ka parin

Ang ganda (x3) mo parin
Sorry na medyo ako’y papansin
Ayoko sayo magsinungaling
Miss ang yong lambing

Then maybe after many rounds of C2 and Gin and parang Bumble Bee na nagtransform

Dahan dahan lang medyo madilim
Wag maingay baka may magising
At bigla tayong dalawa’y katukin
Tayo’y katukin

Dahan dahan lang medyo madilim
Wag maingay baka may magising
Dahan dahan lang wag mong kagatin
Wag mong kagatin

Ano kaya yung nakagat ke Droppout?

Gin C2 reminds me of Skusta Clee and O.C Dawgs’ track, May Alak May Balak but with a more dash of that mainstream feel that even non-hip-hop fans can appreciate.

Daming nangyare-yare aye
Pero ikaw parin
Mommy mommy aye


Not to forget Rhyne’s ill and infectious hooks that made the track together with Droppout near fucking perfect!

Muling Pumapanik
Unti unting pumapanik
Amats ko (x3) sayo

Droppout & Rhyne’s voices really blended in good in this EP. Complimented each voice in all tracks that made all of them well-thought-out. All the hooks are damn catchy and with the mainstream approach, especially the themes behind each song is so much relatable in this modern day. We are very thankful to this caliber of Pinoy hip-hop artist to share their LSS-concocted, bed scene, good vibe and chill songs.

Waiting for the EP to reach iTunes or Spotify!

Drop a line below the comment section or on our Facebook page of what you think about Droppout & Rhyne’s latest installment.

Langya namiss kita, tara doon sa amin…

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