Drexx Lira Pinoy Hip-hop Superstar

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Drexx Galindez also known as Drexx Lira is a rapper, singer, song writer from Dongalo Wreckords, Samahang Nozomi and Gotmic International.

Grew up in the streets of San Jose del Monte in Bulacan, Drexx Lira has been an avid fan of the “Golden Era” of Hiphop and will always be. He started to write and record songs when he was 17 years old. Currently, he’s under Gotmic of Dongalo Wreckords, handled by a Filipino rapper and producer Jawtee, and 1/3 of Nozomi, a rap trio (together with GK Ibarra and Homeryoh) handpicked by Andrew E.

Rap style x Genre: Speedrap, Inspirational, Concious, Lyrical

Affiliations x Rap group x Label: Dongalo Wreckords, Samahang Nozomi, GK Ibarra, Homeryoh, Andrew E, Jawtee


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DrexxLira
Facebook page:
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/DrexxLira


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