Don Ruben Pinoy Hip-hop Superstar

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Donruben Beats is a producer, beat maker, and one of the most respected producers in hip-hop today. He started as a rapper with a different moniker in 2019 till 2013, 2013 when he first tried producing a beat, and became professional in 2015.

He became respected because of the so many free beats he produced and dropped on his youtube channel, he is also known for being unselfishly helping underground artists, even to the extent of mixing vocals their vocals for FREE if he thinks it needs more fixing.

why FREE you ask? he mentions in his facebook page:

“Kase man alam ko ang WALANG WALA nangaling ako sa wala rin kaya inaral ko hanggang sa matuto ako.”

He mentions that he is grateful to CURSEBOX and he serves as his main inspiration to becoming a producer.
Don Ruben produced or help countless artists including  Youngone, LKPTN, Maria Mitzuki, Jhoan & Endang, Musika ng Liliw Allstar, Mr. Sinister, Benjo and so many more.
As of the moment, Don Ruben is still active and has no sign of stopping.
For Inquiries / Licensed / Untagged / Services 📩 Email : Connect to my Social media Accounts. 🐶 Facebook : 🐵 Instagram : @DonrubenBeats

Rap style x Genre:  boom-bap, Trap beats, R&B, Freestyle rap

Affiliations x Rap group x Label: SAGPRO | SUNDALO NG DONGALO


Facebook page:


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