Don Pao Pinoy Hip-hop Superstar

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Don Pao is a rapper, songwriter, battle emcee and became champion in Bahay Katay Tournament present’s “El Katay 4” where he defeated Lhipkram. The self-proclaimed “Punchline king”

He is a member of Shots fired Kartel together with Don G, Tiny Montana, Pricetagg, Kris Delano, and others.

In 2019 he had a beef with Zargon, and he release a few diss tracks such as “Supot King” and “Zagone”. It was mostly a one-sided beef because Zargon hasn’t released a diss back (track) mostly a diss using Facebook LIVE.

In rap battle, he defeated the likes of Lhimkram, Invictus but one of his best match is the one against Zaki his calm, confidence, wordplay, gun bars, and personal attacks are all on display.

“Wala kang maganang hinaharap kung yung bisyo di mo kayang talikuran”
is what i consider his best line.

Don Pao is currently under Allstar Productions. He also collaborated with other artists such as Queen Manica, Lil Ron, Supremo, Pricetagg, Kris Delano, Tiny Montana, JP Bacallan to name a few.

He releases tracks such as May Tira, Senyales, Roll with me, Sana di mapagod, Slow down under Allstar Pro. He is also included in Where Ya From with Tiny Montana ft. Raf Davis, ThirdFlo, Omar Baliw, Flow G

Rap style x Genre: Wordplays, Gangsta Rap, Gun Bars

Affiliations x Rap group x Label: Shotsfired Kartel, Allstar Pro, Sunugan, Fliptop, Bahay Katay


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