Don G | Pinoy Hiphop Superstar
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Don G real name: Gerry Victor Espina

Critically acclaimed Punchline Boy of Dongalo Wreckords. Known for his Hardcore/Explicit lyrics and being a member of one of the hardest Group in Dongalo which goes by the name of Gulpe De Gulat; a 3 man group which is composed of Black, Pacman and Don G

If you’re looking for the finest Pinoy Gangsta rapper out there, look no further, Don G pretty much sums it all, man. Heart-felt, Life-honed, and battle-scarred spits, lyrics, and bars that can’t be compared to no one especially in this era of new-wave hip-hop. Don G is one of the true images of real-life gangsta in the Philippines and you can definitely hear it in his tracks. We recommend listening to “Buhay Ng Isang Tunay”, “Rutina”, and “Legend Killer” to get a better vibe about how a real gangsta put it down!

100 motherfucking rappers down, 200 motherfucking rappers down, 300 motherfucking rappers down…

(Local) Pooch, Death Threat, Gloc-9, Hi-Jakkk, Apocalypse Armada, Anak ni Bakuko, Ghetto Doggs, Oblaxz, IPK, Genezide, BB Clan, Kruzzada, Anthill Mobb din (MobbStarr)

(International) Papoose, Lupe Fiasco, Lloyd Banks, The Game, Jadakiss, Fabo, Termanology, Dr Dre, Mobb Deep, B.I.G

Rap style: Gangsta rap

Affiliations/Rap group/Label: Dongalo Wreckords, Gulpe De Gulat, Shots Fired Entertainment, Shots Fired Cartel



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