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Taking you back in the era of the rap group MASTAPLANN with PHS’ DIYES. As the title says, it features “10” or DIYES tracks from the Pinoy rap group that paved the way for the new breed of English local hip-hop way back. Kala mo foreign acts to’, if you want to listen again to the classics before. Malamang narinig mona ‘to nag playback. You’ll catch the classic bitaw ng real hip-hop dati lyrics wise from the reggae feel track Irie to the mala Regulate track ni Warren G na Rollin’ In The Ride and much more that will remind you the classic days. Last track would be my fave one as it features a collab with Bambu, me Welcome to Atlanta sila Jermaine Dupri, Ludacris taena meron din tayo niyan ma men Welcome To Manila!

Tumalon, Samayaw at Sumigaw
Is it Tyme
Manila Im Home
Fix da World Up
True Asiatic
Rollin’ In The Ride
Bring dat booty
Mastaplann feat. ILL-J and Rye – The Anthem
Welcome To Manila – Bambu and Mastaplann

Let us know in the comments section below what you think of the list. Napakinggan mo rin ba ung Mastaplann dati? Ano ano ung favorite tracks mo nila? TRUE ASIATIC TRIBE! Hit us a like and follow in our social media accounts.